H&M Home; Spring Decor Trends

Now the Christmas decorations are put away for another year, its time to start thinking about spring-cleaning and new interiors for your home. H&M Home have three trends for you to try

 #1 Circles and curved lines are big at the moment; invest in sculptures, trays and decor in round shapes.  


HOM Mosaics to complement this trend: 


Newquay £14.99 per tile.

#2 Embrace earthy tones this season. A palette of browns, creams, beige and off-white will add warmth to your home. 

HOM Mosaics to complement this trend: 


Cusco (left)  £14.99 per tile £175.89 per square metre, Carrera Art Deco (right) £15.99 per tile £175.89 per square metre 

#3 Nature continues to inspire interior décor. Bringing natural elements inside transmits calm, serenity and well-being. 


HOM Mosaics to comlement this trend: 


Carrera Brick £14.99 per tile  £164.89 per square metre.

All interior imaes from H&M Home 

Interior design trends

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