Home & Garden Paint Trends 2021
Paint trends 2021 – the 17 colours you need for the ultimate wonder walls.
From sunshine yellow, to abstract colour blocking and unrefined and rustic. Applying a new lick of paint to your walls is an excellent way to give your interiors a fresh-faced makeover. But which colour sample pots should you be buying, and what are the biggest paint trends for 2021?
Global colour authority, Pantone, announced their selection for Colour of the Year 2021, and it’s a combination of two. The shades are Ultimate Grey and Illumination – a rock grey and a sunshine yellow, respectively. This clever combination of colours brings the message of strength and reliability paired with joy of sunshine filled days to come. This is only the second time ever that Pantone has made the bold more of naming two Colours of the Year.
The Dulux colour of the Year 2021, called Brave Ground – is a warm neutral that feels both comforting and grounding. It’s not a wow shade but that’s the beauty of this neutral hue- it’s the understanding allure which we are being inspired to draw upon.
Over at Benjamin Moore, the Colour of the Year 2021, called Aegean Teal, is a warm blue-green with grey undertones. It’s a unique quality wherein it lends a fresh, crisp feel to a scheme, while simultaneously creating a relaxed and soothing atmosphere – exactly what we need in the current challenging climate.
The Top Paint Trends for 2021, Home and Garden have teamed up with a host of colour experts to bring you the most exciting paint trends in the year ahead….  

1. Turn up the Heat 

Image credit: Pantone
Grey is the versatile and much-loved neutral and teamed it with a zingy
yellow it can create an energising to a room that works with any style.

HoM Mosaics to match 

Rio Remix £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Geo Moroccan Large,
£14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

2. Set the Scene with a Serene Scheme 

Image credit: Bejamin Moore
Aegean Teal, is a cool paint colour and was selected for its ability to add balance and calm to spaces, whether it is used on cabinetry, walls or woodwork. Aegean Team teams beautifully warm beiges and soft cream hues, while the grey undertones ensure spaces retain a sophisticated and super smart feel.
The amount of natural light exposed will also change the colour too switching between fresh cool hue in bright light to a richer muted blue-toned gray in moodier spaces. 

HoM mosaics to match 

Aquastone Crackle £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre
Darwin £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square 

3. Introduce a sense of smart sophistication 

Image credit; Sherwin Williams
Earlier this year, Sherwin-Williams announced its 2021 colour of the year, to be names Urban Bronze SW 7048. A warm sophisticated bronze the colour inspires all of use to find sanctuary in any space.
Urbane Bronze is a rich anchor that grounds the mind in the calm and stability with its ties to the natural world. Urban Bronze encourages you to create a sanctuary space for mindful reflection and renewal.

HoM mosaics to match 

Copper Mix Self-Adhesive, £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre,
Dylan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

4. Chose a Heritage colour 

If paint could be food, Farrow & Ball’s sap green would be delicious pea soups, with layers of depth and a surprising intensity. In paint form it ticks the same boxes with its earthy appear.
Created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum and one 16 new hues rooted in nature. Balance this green with colours like stone and milky white for freshness or with accents of navy for extra drama.

HoM mosaics to match 

Midi Metro Crackle Pistachio £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre
Cairns £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

5. Introduce a warm and inviting look 

Inviting and sophisticated, Sorrel from Bauwek Color brings in warmth and a cocooning feel. Its rich, textured caramel tones set it apart from being just another brown, making it tranquil in bedrooms.
The earthy tone sets off vibrancy in colours such as pink and green but also highlight classic stone and white. It’s the perfect foil for ceramics too, as shown here with the new Bayhem collection from Neptune.

HoM mosaics to match 

Calgary £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

6. Play with a dark and dramatic palette 

Edward Bulmer’s indigo takes on an additional velvety feel, thanks to its natural pigments. This rich hue with its chalky finish provides the perfect backdrop to jewelled colours and print but for the understated choc mix with wood and accents.

HoM mosaics to match 

Drama £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre, Rio Remix £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

7. Paint in a pretty pink 

Pink is now seen as an interior neutral as its inviting, uplifting and effortless to decorate with. With shades from pastel to bubblegum, the right shade can be tricky to pick, entre Zoffany’s Tuscan Pink.
As its name implies, there’s an earthiness, recalling the natural landscape, that gives the colour, warmth and depth and makes it a dream companion to other shades. This versatile hue adds freshness when used alongside classic furniture and impact n a more contemporary setting.  

HoM mosaics to match 

Vintage Moroccan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre
Vodka £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre 

8.Opt for a Sky Blue 

A shade that’s always been popular in the world of interiors, soft blue is set to be spring’s colour du jour. Powder Blue, the offering from Crown, has the quality of being both soothing and invigorating and offers plenty of design versatility.
Used with crisp white, it creates a calming coastal feel, or as one block of colour it can be a breath of fresh air. Sky blue is also a natural home with other pastels such as lemon; pink however compliments earthy shades like rust and terracotta.

HoM mosaics to match 

Lapis Blue Self-Adhesive £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre
Geo Moroccan Bright £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

9. Go for the Green factor 

Image credit Dulux
Trend forecasters select green as it reflects growing desire to understand what it is to be human at a time when advances in technology are making us feel increasingly disconnected from each other.

HoM mosaics to match 

Aquastone Crackle £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre
Midi Metro Crackle Pistachio £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

10. Think (soft) Pink 

Image credit Benjamin Moore
Benjamin Moore chose a beautiful dusty pink as its brand colour of the Year 2020 – and it will last into 2021 and beyond, The colour was chosen due to representing a new dawn, idealism, design and living. Neutral over the last few seasons has gradually evolved from grey undertones too pink and red undertones.

HoM Mosaics to match 

Geo Blush £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre, Chelsea £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

11. Factor in Nature and Nurture 

Image credit Crown
Extending on the green colours sweeping in, connecting to nature will be huge paint trend for 2021. The trend reflects the colours of the forest, from midnight oaks to vivid birch.
The colours are seen as a remedy for the modern condition, with increasing urbanity and digital presence, we need our homes to be a space of solace. 
Image credit Crown

HoM Mosaics to match 

Aquamarine Self-Adhesive £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre
Cairns £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

12. Dare to go Sustainably stylish 

Image credit Crown
Sustainable and forward thinking is how paint trends for 2021 are set                   to be. The trends palette comes rom composite materials made from recycled waste. It brings interesting colour combinations to the palette with washed, recycled tones at its centre.

HoM Mosaics to match 

Aloha Self-Adhesive £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre
Geo Blush £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

13. Reject tradition with abstract expressionism

Image credit Crown
This trend is all about breaking preconceived rules, non-conformity and creativity. Use dynamic colour palette and pair bold colours like cobalt blue and vibrant real with soft mint, pale blue, and delicate pink for creative colour combinations.

HoM mosaics to match 

Rio Remix £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre,
Drama £15.99 per tile £175.89 per square metre

14. Ease into nostalgic influence 

Image credit Benjamin Moore
The nostalgia trend is growing in 2021, with brands delving into archived products and vintage styles to create a new twist on a traditional style. Hues from the renaissance era have grown in popularity in recent months, including shades such as royal blue, ruby red and emerald green.
The pantone colour of the year 2020 was a Classic Blue, a regal hue that feeling into the comforting nostalgia trend and one that continues into 2021.

HoM mosaics to match 

Ibiza £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre
Niagara £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

15. Look at an English country garden 

Image credit Graham & Brown
Graham & Brown’s Colour of the year, Adeline is a directional shade of rich bottle green that borrows the first name of Adeline Virginia Woolf, the pioneering author and founding member of the Bloomsbury Group.
Adeline channels country gardens and whimsical interiors favoured by the group. Adeline balances the ever-increasing amount of technology making its way into the home, echoing a wider interiors trend that looks to biophilic design to inspire healthier, happier homes.

HoM mosaics to match 

Aquamarine Self-Adhesive £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre
Aloha Self-Adhesive £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

16. Flatter with an all-white scheme 

Image credit Annie Sloan
Neutrals and white will be prominent in paint trends for 2021 as an all white interior creates the illusion of a room being lighter, brighter and larger. As useful as white is it is not a emotional colour, you’ll need layers of texture and tones to bring depth and comfort. Use nuanced shades, from cool to warm, for a softer, more flattering look than a single, pure white.

HoM Mosaics to Match 

Calacatta Luxe £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre
Allana £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

17. Evoke Artisan Living 

Image credit Crown 
Inspired by artisan craft and slow living, interiors are embracing the understated beauty of imperfect, timeworn pieces and warm, calming shades. Aim for an unrefined and rustic aesthetic to nail this trend, which is comforting and enveloping.
Simple and versatile, the earthy palette works in any space, whether it’s a rustic kitchen or contemporary bedroom and is particularly effective when combined with an ombre or sponge technique. 
Image credit crown
Materials including rattan, bamboo and linen, paired with artisanal              elements, like pottery compliment the serene, laid back feel of the colours instantly create a living space to rest and regenerate.

HoM Mosaics to match 

Dylan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre,
Bangkok linear £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre
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