Interior Design Trends 2021 – the 12 biggest looks for the New Year

2020 has been a long year, so we have good reason to rejoice when thinking of design trends coming up in 2021. From the growing importance of sustainable materials to elegant elements and a celebration of individuality and uniqueness, our 2021 trend edit will provide you with a curated look that will bring your home into the New Year with sensational style.

Interior Design Trends 2021 With many people’s attitudes on life changing during 2020, and many wishing this year away, we take a look ahead at the interior design rends for 2021.

1. Rustic Vogue – A sophisticated take on Cottagecore 


(Image credit: David Brittian)

This look is a crowd pleaser for anyone who loves their modern home comforts but wants to inject some character details into their loving spaces. This trend ideally works in homes that already have some interesting features, such as exposed beams, original floorboards or panelled walls.

This trend can equally be re-created with a considered balance of old and new pieces that work together in harmony. Reclaimed wood is the core material that holds this look together – look for unique pieces that show plenty of grain and texture, rather than items that are perfectly finished.

HOM Mosaics to match


1. Dylan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

2. Arts & Crafts


(Image credit: Prestigious Textiles)

An extension of cottagecore, this trend embraces the iconic 19th century movement, born out of the industrial revolution. The movement aimed to reform how things were made and reverse the damaging effects of machine- dominated production, increasing the value of hand-made, decorative pieces. This trend is gaining real momentum as people are appreciating the value of handmade and decorative styles.

HOM Mosaics to match 


1. Geo Moroccan Bright £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 2. Geo Moroccan Large £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

3. Cottagecore 


(Image credit: Future/David Brittain)

Due to 2020 Cottagecore, nostalgia and the need for comfort are here to stay. Cottagecore started off as simplistic but it could be mixed with touches of glamour to create a luxe traditional style. Elegant vintage style barware, gold accessories are ways to get the look.

HOM Mosaics to match 


1. Cairo, £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre 2. Geo Blush £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

4. Distant Shores 


(Image credit; Barlow & Barlow)

Hawaii, Where else would we all rather be right now? Well this trend has been reimagined with Hawaii in mind. As we long for tropical getaways, interiors inspired by distant shores offer a calm and relaxing living space to make home a safe and inviting place to recharge. The Distant Shores trend features tropical bright, subtle monotones and soft lemons.

HOM Mosaics to match 


1. Aloha, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 2. Geo Moroccan Bright £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

5. Vintage


(Image credit: Jody Stewart)

Antique, repurposed, salvaged and retro pieces all have their place in a vintage scheme. The key is to reference the look, using strong colours, favourite pieces and a less-is-more approach for a vibrant, cohesive aesthetic. The key to this approach is to provide plenty of contrast.

HOM mosaics to match 


1. Dylan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 2. Calgary £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

6. Earthy, Grounded Shades 


(Image credit; Sherwin-Williams)

With Dulux announcing its colour of the year as Brave Ground a mix of nature and earthy colours, Little Greene will be releasing their paint range in Janurary 2021. The paint range is built around natural, earthy colour palette. Packed with rusts, warm greens, deeps reds and slubby browns, its comforting an welcoming just want we need for 2021.

HOM Mosaics to match 


1. Shoreditch £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 2. Cusco £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

7. Global Influence 


(Image credit: The Private House Company/Andrew Martin Interior Design review Vol.24)

Inspired by earthy colour palettes and warm, natural textures, the Global Influence trend pairs perfectly with wooden, woven and rattan home accessories. Its bold safari feel is influenced by wildfire and African plains.

HOM Mosaics to match 


1. Casablanca Mono, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 2. Iridescent Midnight £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

8. Ocean Hues 

(Image Credit; Benjamin Moore

Capturing relaxing poolsides and beach getaways, aqua and inky blues offer a calm, contemporary look. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year 2021 reflects the tranquil, yet modern interiors with Aegean Teal (above) a color that is known for its association with peace, calm and comfort. Ocen blues are a key trend for 2021, varying from deep inky tones through to soft aquas. Blue is the perfect colour for creating a tranquil home.

HOM Mosaics to match


1. Aquastone Crackle £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre

2. Darwin £12.99 per tile. £142.89 per square metre

9. Classic Traditionalism


(Image credit; Kit Kemp/Andrew Martin Interior Design Vol.24)

A timeless trend taking inspiration from the 18th& 19thcenturies, incorporating classic art, antiques and pieces with history.  Classic traditionalism brings a sense of harmony and order to any living space with a décor scheme that works together perfectly.

 HOM Mosaics to match


1. Rose Gold Elysee £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 2. Chelsea £14.99 per tilel £164.89 per square metre

10. Shabby Chic 


(Image credit; Mark Bolton)

This timeless trend epitomizes faded elegance and unrefined sense of luxury.      To help create this trend try mixing new buys with vintage market finds. Look for decorative accessories such as chandeliers and mirrors that haven’t been perfectly restored, but have aged with character, and opt for furniture and textiles that feel lived-in. Chipped paintwork, faded fabrics and blemishes all add to the charm.

HOM Mosaics to match 


1. Gunmetal Luxe £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre 2. Hammerfest £12.99 per tile £142.89 per square metre

11. French Country Chic


(Image credit; David Cleveland)

Fall in love with the new Gallic decorating style of mixing Shabby Chic furniture with glided linens and flea market finds.

HOM Mosaics to match


1. Geo Moroccan Large £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre                       2. Casablanca Monochrome Self-Adhesive £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre

12. Houseplants 


(Image credit; Paul Raeside)

You only need to go on Pinterest or Instagram to see that houseplants have never been more fashionable. From 1970s- style hanging creepers to blowsy , beautiful blooms there’s sure to be a plant to suit your style and space. Not only are houseplants beautiful, bringing vibrancy and colour to our homes, but they also freshen the air, filtering out pollutants and releasing oxygen.

HOM Mosaics to match


1. Aloha Self-Adhesive, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 2. Aquamarine Self-Adhesive £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre

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