Mosaic Backer Sheet

£21.89 Per Square Metre
Tile Type

Using a self-adhesive mosaic backer makes the sheets of mosaic more rigid, to help make the installation quicker and easier.  In addition, if you are using a 4mm mosaic as a border, with 8mm larger tiles, for example, then using a mosaic backer sheet, will bring the mosaics up to the same height as the 8mm tiles.

Ensures tiles are evenly spaced, and at 300mm x 300mm, will fit a standard sheet of mosaic.

Easy to cut down with a pair of scissors!

  • Tile type
    Tile backer sheet
  • Overall tile size mm
    305 x 305
  • Individual chip size mm
  • Tile depth mm
  • No of sheets per square metre
  • Tile compliment colour
  • Recommended grout colour
  • Recommended type of grout

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