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As we’re in the mists of Autumn and move towards Winter, the Trend Bible identified 4 Key Home & Interior Trends to look out for throughout the end of 2022 and as we move into early 2023.

Each of they key trends identified are linked by the same underlying theme: the post-pandemic influence. Trend Bible built each trend upon new consumer perspectives as a result of the post-pandemic world, expressing the consumer need for exploration and experimentation.

Alongside a desire for exploration, Trend Bible also recognise the ‘legacy of the pandemic’ and how the focus on behaviours encouraging healing, quality relationships and gratitude throughout COVID-19 are important to continue into the future. Taking these into consideration, the Trend Bible explores how these new consumer views will influence our Home and Interior decisions.

We explore each trend below!


Dream Gallery

Dream Gallery Moodboards

Trend Quote; ‘A celebration of ‘weird’ or quirky elements of each unique individual.’


Deep sea greens and blues mixed with pops of coral and burgundy’s, this trend is all about escapism. Creating fluid, idiosyncratic and distinct home interiors which are unapologetically unique. Creativity is only limited by the imagination and inspiration can be found in ‘strange, surreal and otherworldly’ décor.

HoM’s top tip: Go for the décor pieces you really love even if it’s out there! An honest room never goes out of fashion as it’s a true reflection of you.

HoM Mosaics to Match;

Vintage Moroccan Mosaic  Illume Self-Adhesive  Porto Mosaic  Camden Mosaic

(Mosaics from Left to Right; Vintage Moroccan Mosaic, Illume Self-Adhesive Mosaic, Porto Mosaic and Camden Mosaic)


Ice Haven

Ice Haven Moodboard

Trend Quote; ‘focus on body and soul inspires a focus on how our furniture makes us feel.’


A post-COVID world has a renewed focus on health and wellbeing, expressed by trustworthy blues and pastel toned pinks and greens. Trend Bible suggest that individuals have been exposed to the fragility of life and seek to create homes with a focus on recuperation and regenerative healing.

In doing so, an increased emphasis on ergonomic products emerges ‘where furniture and product design are optimised to support the body’. Coupled with calming and reassuring colours, we can all get on board with this restful trend!

HoM’s top tip: We shape our homes and then our homes shape us. Make sure to create spaces that feel calming to you!

HoM Mosaics to Match;

Stargazer Teal MosaicMonocrackle MosaicNiagara MosaicHelsinki Mosaic

(Mosaics from Left to Right; Stargazer Teal Luxe Mosaic, Monocrackle Mosaic, Niagara Mosaic and Helsinki Mosaic)


Privacy Mode

Priavcy Mode Moodboard 

Trend Quote; ‘Householders seek to create an inviting space that sets the scene for quiet moments together with loved ones and friends.’


Privacy Mode aims to capture those post-pandemic moments where we got to be with our loved ones again. Trading ‘superfluous frills’ for ‘a more utilitarian approach’. Creating well-planned spaces with purposeful, useful design that’s not just for Instagram.

Rooted in earthy browns, yellows and muted orangey-pinks, consumers are seeking authentic, real-life experiences. Building interiors that reflect the need for quiet spaces to enjoy with loved ones and utilising local materials and businesses.

HoM’s top tip: Shopping with small businesses offers an array of unique products that can really make a house a home – and supports the community!

HoM Products to Match;

Sandstone Outdoor Porcleain Tile Geo Moroccan Large Mosaic Lisbon Mosaic Cannes Bronze Luxe Mosaic
(Mosaics from Left to Right; Sandstone Outdoor Porcelain, Geo Moroccan Large Mosaic, Lisbon Mosaic and Cannes Bronze Luxe Mosaic)


Joyful Gathering

Joyful Gathering Moodboard 

Trend Quote; ‘Ideals of a pristine home no longer resonate.


The definition of a ‘perfect home’ is entirely subjective, but at the root of home is family and friends. Joyful Gathering aims to encapsulate family, friends, celebration, connection, culture and community all in one trend! Utilising base colours of bluey-greens, browns and dark greys with pops of colours such as reds, yellows and peach tones.

Interiors are becoming joyous, safe spaces to welcome family and friends. The events of the past couple of years have ‘demonstrated the power people have through solidarity, in making change and supporting one another’. We can expect to see increasing exuberant, colourful influence as we explore global cultures.

HoM’s top tip: If you’re looking for inspiration, try researching interior design of different cultures. See how they use colours, textures and material to create beautiful interiors!

HoM Mosaics to Match;

Ibiza MosaicCopper Luxe Mosaic Rio Remix Mosaic Tropical Mono Self-Adhesive Mosaic
(Mosaics from Left to Right; Ibiza Mosaic, Copper Luxe Mosaic, Rio Remix Mosaic and Tropical Mono Self-Adhesive Mosaic)

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