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Transform the classical into the contemporary with our extensive range of mosaic tiles. Ideal for walls throughout your home, modern mosaic tiles are versatile, decorative and durable.

What are Mosaic Tiles? 

A mosaic is a pattern or design made up of small pieces of coloured ceramics, glass or stone. 

Mosaic tiles bring this decorative principle into the world of contemporary interior design.

The idea is a simple one: you combine multiple motifs, colour shades and contrasting textures. 

The results are transformative and mesmerising. 

Mosaic tiles have a high visual impact and they offer numerous possibilities for turning your interiors into unique design statements. 

Our collection consists of mosaic tiles made from: 

  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Natural stone
  • Metal, and
  • Mixed materials.

 We have vintage Moroccan tile designs, colours and designs that are nature-inspired, plus glamorous and luxe tile finishes. 

Where do Mosaic Tiles Come From? 

Mosaic art dates back centuries, as far as ancient Mesopotamia in around 3,000 BC. 

From its earliest use, mosaic tiling has been a valued means of decorating surfaces. 

The Greeks helped to define mosaic art as being increasingly decorative and complex. The Romans made wide use of the mosaic technique to decorate vast areas of flooring with mythological characters and symbols. 

Mosaic art progressed to using small tiles after the fall of the Roman empire, especially in intricate Byzantine and Moroccan art. 

Mosaic tiles have continued to be a highly regarded decorative art form, continually in use from the Middle Ages through to the Renaissance and up to the present day. 

Contemporary uses of mosaic tiles reflect their versatility and adaptability, in a broad range of settings and locations. 

And modern mosaic tiles are very much a democratic form of design. Any home can have them, and they’re designed to maximise their adaptability. 

They’re relatively easy to apply, but the effect they give remains distinctive, decorative and impactful. 

Where Can You Fit Mosaic Tiles in Your Home? 

We’ve got plenty of inspired ideas for transforming your living space with mosaic tiles.

An obvious starting point is the bathroom. But with mosaic tiles, you’re not getting just a standard tiled finish. 

Mosaic tiles can help you add fresh accents and features to your bathroom design, elevating it from the ordinary to the excellent. 

The same applies to your kitchen. Mosaic tiles bring character to splashbacks and tiled worksurfaces and add detail to kitchen themes, from classic right through to contemporary and ultra-modern. 

But you can take mosaic tiles out of the bathroom and kitchen and use them to transform other areas of your home. 

They're perfect for feature walls in hallways. Use them in recesses or on chimney breasts in your living room. Create decorative panels in bedrooms. 

They work with furniture too, if you want to transform a plain table or chair into a unique accessory. 

You can apply mosaic tiles in multiple ways, as far as your imagination extends. 

Take your trip into the world of mosaic inspiration. Browse our collection today.  For more information, please call us on 01727 839920, or email

We also provide a sample service, so you can try before you buy.

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VIntage MoroccanVintage Moroccan
Save 92%
CarnivalSea Spray
Sea Spray
£1 £11.99
Save 85%
£2 £12.99
Product image of 3D Spiro showing the geometric pattern in greyLifestyle image of 3D Spiro being used in a bathroom
3D Spiro
Save 85%
£2 £12.99
Geo Moroccan Bright Self-AdhesiveGeo Moroccan Bright Self Adhesive being used to add a splash of colour to a dark fire place
Save 80%
£3 £14.99
Tropical Mono Self-Adhesive Tile product image showing the tropical colours and designTropical Mono mosaic being used as a splashback behind a bathroom sink
Quartz LinearQuartz Linear White
Geo Moroccan BrightGeo Moroccan Bright
Porto Mosaic has a blue, white, pink and yellow Moroccan inspired pattern in a 4 x 4 square formatA lifestyle image of the Porto Mosaic, with a blue, yellow, white and pink Moroccan inspired pattern, in situ behind a bath.
Grey Brick Mosaic product imageGrey Brick Mosaic being used in a downstairs toilet
Grey Brick
Geo BlushGeo Blush
Geo Blush
Mini Metro WhiteMini Metro White
Geo Moroccan LargeGeo Moroccan Large
Save 67%
Rio Remix Mosaic product shot showing the different coloursRio Remix mosaic lifestyle image being used behind a bathroom sink
Rio Remix
£5 £14.99
Carrera BrickCarrera Brick
Carrera Brick
Save 67%
Moderne Carrera product image showing the white mosaic with reflective glass piecesModerne Carrera lifestyle image showing the mosaic being used as a statement wall behind a bath in the bathroom
Moderne Carrera
£5 £14.99
Save 64%
Darcy mosaic tile product image showing the grey and light pink pattern. Featuring distressed geometric designs on the rectangular mosaic pieces Darcy mosaic tile lifestyle image showing a zoned mosaic wall area in a bathroom. With a stand alone grey bathtub and muted pink flowers
£5 £13.99
Copper LuxeCopper Luxe
Copper Luxe
Geo Moroccan Black & WhiteGeo Moroccan Black & White
Jewel WhiteJewel White
Jewel White
Save 80%
£3 £14.99
Gunmetal LuxeGunmetal Luxe
Gunmetal Luxe
Casablanca Mono Mosaic product image showing the monochromatic colour schemeCasablanca Mono mosaic being used as a splashback in a bathroom
Save 77%
Aquastone CrackleAquastone Crackle