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Wall tiles have come a long way since the days when they were seen as purely functional.

With a huge range to choose from, modern wall tiles provide the perfect means to refresh, renew and reinvent the look and feel of your home.

What are Wall Tiles? 

Naturally, wall tiles go on the wall, that’s straightforward enough. But if you look around your home, consider all the different spaces and surfaces you could apply wall tiles to. 

Versatility is the key, and with a huge selection of tile designs, materials and textures available, you’ll never run out of ideas. 

Our modern wall tiles include: 

 Mosaic tiles

 Self-adhesive tiles

 Natural effects

 Bold designs

 Classic and contemporary patterns. 

Whatever theme or effect you want, there’s a wall tile style that will help you achieve it. 

Wall tiles are made from a variety of materials, including: 



 Natural stone, and

 Mixed materials. 

Where are the Best Places to Put Wall Tiles?

Essentially, there are no limits. 

Our tiles are designed to be adaptable to different settings and locations. You can your imagination run riot because there are multiple ways for enhancing your home with wall tiles. 

Even in more traditional settings, such as kitchen splashbacks, the vividness of these wall tile designs will elevate them into impactful design features.

The bathroom offers an ideal blank canvas for wall tile design. And you can take this beyond the walls, applying tiles to baths, mirrors, cabinets and shelving. 

You can use wall tiles as accents or features throughout your home. 

If you've got recessed areas behind shelves, consider fitting wall tiles to them to create contrasting feature panels. 

Apply wall tiles in slim borders above skirting boards, or along mantlepieces. 

Dare to be different and create an entire feature wall using decorative, mosaic wall tiles. 

Think also in terms of colour matching and contrast. How can you use single colour tiles to bring out the overall features of a space? Or can patterned wall tiles add a bold, contrasting element to an otherwise plain-looking room? 

Explore themes with wall tiles. We've collections of wall tile designs inspired by countries, cultures and natural features. 

Consider iridescent blues and greens, or metallic bronzes and silvers and where you can use these to best effect in your living spaces. 

And wall tiles can be subtle too. We've got natural stone designs and more muted colour palettes that allow the shape and texture of the tile to dictate its distinctive impact as a design feature. 

How to Choose Your Wall Tiles 

Whether you want tiles for your hallway, kitchen, bathroom or other rooms, we’ve got a huge collection for you to browse. 

Your taste might be bold, classical, contemporary or ultra-modern, but we’re confident you’ll find the perfect tile design to transform your interior design visions into reality. 

Our range includes self-adhesive wall tiles too, which can make the whole process of transforming your space quick and mess-free. 

For more information about wall tiles, please call us on 01727 839920, or email  

You can also take advantage of our sample service and try before you buy.

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VIntage MoroccanVintage Moroccan
Save 92%
CarnivalSea Spray
Sea Spray
£1 £11.99
Save 85%
£2 £12.99
Product image of 3D Spiro showing the geometric pattern in greyLifestyle image of 3D Spiro being used in a bathroom
3D Spiro
Save 83%
The Aquamarine Mosaic showing the blue, green square mosaic pattern. Some chips have a textured pattern to add a different dimension.A close up of the Aquamarine mosaic, showing the thickness of the blue/green mosaic chips.
Save 85%
£2 £12.99
Riyadh Bronze Self-Adhesive product imageRiyadh Bronze Self-Adhesive
Abu Dhabi Bronze Self-AdhesiveAbu Dhabi Bronze Self-Adhesive
Geo Moroccan Bright Self-AdhesiveGeo Moroccan Bright Self Adhesive being used to add a splash of colour to a dark fire place
Mosaic Backer SheetMosaic Backer Sheet
Tropical Mono Self-Adhesive Tile product image showing the tropical colours and designTropical Mono mosaic being used as a splashback behind a bathroom sink
Quartz LinearQuartz Linear White
Abu Dhabi Silver Self-AdhesiveAbu Dhabi Silver Self-Adhesive
Geo Moroccan BrightGeo Moroccan Bright
Porto Mosaic has a blue, white, pink and yellow Moroccan inspired pattern in a 4 x 4 square formatA lifestyle image of the Porto Mosaic, with a blue, yellow, white and pink Moroccan inspired pattern, in situ behind a bath.
Save 30%
House of Mosaics Mini Metro Lapis Blue self-adhesive mosaic tile sheetHouse of Mosaics Mini Metro Lapis Blue self-adhesive mosaic tile sheet, being used as a splashback behind a sink in a bathroom
Geo BlushGeo Blush
Geo Blush
Mini Metro WhiteMini Metro White
Geo Moroccan LargeGeo Moroccan Large
Mini Metro White Self-AdhesiveMini Metro White Self-Adhesive
Save 62%
Pebble Grey Subway Self-AdhesivePebble Grey Subway Self-Adhesive
Save 67%
Rio Remix Mosaic product shot showing the different coloursRio Remix mosaic lifestyle image being used behind a bathroom sink
Rio Remix
£5 £14.99
Save 67%
Moderne Carrera product image showing the white mosaic with reflective glass piecesModerne Carrera lifestyle image showing the mosaic being used as a statement wall behind a bath in the bathroom
Moderne Carrera
£5 £14.99
Save 64%
Darcy mosaic tile product image showing the grey and light pink pattern. Featuring distressed geometric designs on the rectangular mosaic pieces Darcy mosaic tile lifestyle image showing a zoned mosaic wall area in a bathroom. With a stand alone grey bathtub and muted pink flowers
£5 £13.99
Copper LuxeCopper Luxe
Copper Luxe
Geo Moroccan Black & WhiteGeo Moroccan Black & White