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VIntage MoroccanVintage Moroccan
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The Aquamarine Mosaic showing the blue, green square mosaic pattern. Some chips have a textured pattern to add a different dimension.A close up of the Aquamarine mosaic, showing the thickness of the blue/green mosaic chips.
Geo Moroccan BrightGeo Moroccan Bright
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Rio Remix Mosaic product shot showing the different coloursRio Remix mosaic lifestyle image being used behind a bathroom sink
Rio Remix
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Bangkok LinearBangkok Linear
Bangkok Linear
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Illumine self-adhesive mosaic tile product image showing the green, blue and green irridescent tones of the mosaicIllumine mosaic self-adhesive lifestyle image showing the mosaic being used as a feature wall in a bathroom
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Mono Fan product shot showing the lily-pad design on square format mosaic chips. A monochromatic colour scheme with contrasting line designMono Fan lifestlye image showing the monochromatic mosaic being used behind a kitchen island
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Lyla Blue HexLyla Blue Hex
Lyla Blue Hex
Lyla White HexLyla White Hex
White marble base square mosaic pieces with hints of brass effect piecesCairo
Lyla Grey HexLyla Grey Hex
Lyla Grey Hex
Lyla Green HexLyla Green Hex