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Brick mosaic tiles bring a touch of industrial, retro or functional chic to your interiors, adding accents of intrigue and glamour to different rooms in your home.

What are Brick Mosaic Tiles?

As the name suggests, brick mosaic tiles take the basic layout format of bricks and apply this to a range of decorative tile designs.

Perhaps the most famous example of brick tiles is the London Underground. In fact, these tiles are so familiar, you’re unlikely to give them your full attention.

But look again. Brick mosaic tiles have a pleasing geometry and bring a sense of completeness to surfaces.

They’re truly versatile as well. Look at the curved walls they cover in Underground stations. This same versatility applies to domestic spaces.

The size and layout of brick tiles make them excellent for applying decorative features and patterned layouts.

You can break up single colour arrangements with mosaic tile features, for example, or add touches of texture interspersed in smooth surface areas.

Brick Tile Styles

Like our other mosaic tile collections, our brick tile styles are varied, offering plenty of options to bring your design ideas to life.

Based on a standard staggered brick layout pattern, these designs take this principle and run with it.

You get tonal shifts, dramatic colour interventions and bold juxtapositions of texture and tone. But you can also take advantage of the calming uniformity in size and shape.

Brick mosaic tile styles allow you to apply a more established subway style to your walls or explore different sequences of patterns, shades, materials and colours.

These include self-adhesive options for added convenience and flexibility. 

Where to Use Brick Tiles

Obviously, there’s a certain functional flavour to classic brick tile designs. This makes them a good choice for spaces where plenty of household activity goes on, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Here, you can create subtle or not so subtle accents to bring out the characteristics of a space.

Or use brick tiles as splashbacks or surrounds.

But you can extend their application into other areas too. Imagine an entire feature wall made up of decorative brick tiles. Frame your fireplace with brick mosaic patterns or use them to create zones within rooms.

Boost Your Interiors with Brick Mosaic Tiles

For a modern take on heritage design or to bring an industrial but decorative character to your home, brick tiles provide plenty of ways to fuel your imagination.

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Mini Metro White Self-AdhesiveMini Metro White Self-Adhesive
Save 62%
Pebble Grey Subway Self-AdhesivePebble Grey Subway Self-Adhesive
Save 62%
House of Mosaics Mini Metro Lapis Blue self-adhesive mosaic tile sheetHouse of Mosaics Mini Metro Lapis Blue self-adhesive mosaic tile sheet, being used as a splashback behind a sink in a bathroom
Brick shaped mosaic on a white background featuring different subtle floral pattern deisgnsDarcy mosaic tile lifestyle image showing a zoned mosaic wall area in a bathroom. With a stand alone grey bathtub and muted pink flowers
Save 50%
Mini Metro Black Self-AdhesiveMini Metro Black Self-Adhesive
Save 64%
Brick shaped mosaic in a mid pink shadeCountry Rose lifestyle image showing the pink mosaic tiles being used as a splashback in the kitchen
Handmade Blush
£5 £13.99
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Moderne Carrera product image showing the white mosaic with reflective glass piecesModerne Carrera lifestyle image showing the mosaic being used as a statement wall behind a bath in the bathroom
Carrera Art Deco
£6 £14.99
Mini Metro WhiteMini Metro White
Marble LuxeMarble Luxe
Marble Luxe
Carrera BrickCarrera Brick
Carrera Brick
Save 62%
Mini metro mosaic with a subtle carrera pattern on white bricksMini Subway Carrera self-adhesive mosaics being used in a wall recess in a bathroom being used as a shelving area
Save 75%
Deluxe Greystone Mosaic tile product imageDeluxe Greystone Mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the mosaic in a zoned wall section in the bathroom
Save 75%
Deluxe Inkwell Mosaic Tile product imageDeluxe Inkwell Mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the mosaic tile in a zoned area of the wall in the bathroom
Foil backed glass pieces with pops of metal rose gold pieces in brick formationRose Gold Elysee
Carrera MixCarrera Mix
Carrera Mix
Paris Large Mosaic Product ImageParis Large Mosaic being used as a splashback
Paris Large
Mini Metro Grey Wall TileMini Metro Grey Mosaic Tile Lifestyle Image
Save 62%
Mini Subway blush self-adhesive tiles product image showing the brick formation of the mosaicMini Subway blush self-adhesive mosaic being used as a feature wall behind a sink and mirror
Save 75%
Deluxe Pearl Grey Mosaic tile in grey product imageDeluxe Pearl Grey Mosaic tile sheet lifestyle image show in zoned area of the wall in a bathroom
KensingtonKensington mosaic lifestyle showing the mosaic being used on the wall to zone the area behind the bath
Vintage Fleur De Lys mosaic white tile in a 3 x 6 rectangular format, showing the subtle flower embossed patternFleur De Lys Mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the mosaic used in a kitchen
Calacatta LuxeCalacatta Luxe