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Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass mosaic tiles are dazzling and versatile. They’re available in a range of colours, designs and sizes and they’re perfect as accents or features throughout your home.

What are Glass Mosaic Tiles?

Glass mosaic tiles draw on a rich tradition of decoration, dating back to ancient times. A mosaic is a design that’s made up of tiny fragments of ceramics, stone or glass.

This technique creates multiple combinations of contrasting colours, tones and patterns. Mosaic tiles have a bold visual impact and you can apply them in a wide variety of settings.

Mosaics have lasted as a form of design from ancient times to the present day. The earliest known examples are from Mesopotamia, in around 3,000 BC. Both the Ancient Greeks and Romans applied mosaics extensively to interiors, covering floors and walls with depictions of characters and gods from mythology.

Later, the Moroccans adopted this decorative tradition with their own designs, using terracotta rather than marble.

Our contemporary glass mosaic tiles reflect all these different influences, creating a bright, eclectic collection of designs.

Glass Mosaic Tile Styles

There's a diverse range of glass tile designs to choose from. We've got Moroccan-styled patterns ranging from traditional to modern. There are Portuguese-inspired and vintage tile designs.

You can add a sprinkle of glamour with tonal and textural tile variations or go all-out for colours that really pop.

Our glass mosaic tiles come in different dimensions, giving you plenty of scope to adapt them to suit your specific design project.

Basically, you can be as bold or subtle as you want.

Where to Use Glass Tiles

With glass tiles, you can add detail, colour, texture and glamour to any part of your home.

Many people focus on kitchens and bathrooms as the best places to add glass mosaic tiles, but you can apply them anywhere.

Let your imagination run away with you. Use glass tiles as borders to accentuate features. Create design details by applying decorative tiles to recessed wall areas or chimney breasts.

Mosaic tiles are functional. Use them as splashbacks or surrounds. But they’re also decorative, adding aesthetic value to a room.

Imagine the impact of an entire feature wall made up of glass mosaic tiles.

Don’t limit the possibilities. Explore them.

Make Glass Tiles a Design Feature in Your Home

Looking for ways to add that something extra to your interiors? Browse our glass mosaic tile range.

For more information, please call us on 01727 839920, or email

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VIntage MoroccanVintage Moroccan
Save 92%
CarnivalSea Spray
Sea Spray
£1 £11.99
Geo Moroccan BrightGeo Moroccan Bright
Porto Mosaic has a blue, white, pink and yellow Moroccan inspired pattern in a 4 x 4 square formatA lifestyle image of the Porto Mosaic, with a blue, yellow, white and pink Moroccan inspired pattern, in situ behind a bath.
Geo BlushGeo Blush
Geo Blush
Geo Moroccan LargeGeo Moroccan Large
Geo Moroccan Black & WhiteGeo Moroccan Black & White
Save 64%
Darcy mosaic tile product image showing the grey and light pink pattern. Featuring distressed geometric designs on the rectangular mosaic pieces Darcy mosaic tile lifestyle image showing a zoned mosaic wall area in a bathroom. With a stand alone grey bathtub and muted pink flowers
£5 £13.99
Jewel WhiteJewel White
Jewel White
Save 67%
Rio Remix Mosaic product shot showing the different coloursRio Remix mosaic lifestyle image being used behind a bathroom sink
Rio Remix
£5 £14.99
Casablanca Mono Mosaic product image showing the monochromatic colour schemeCasablanca Mono mosaic being used as a splashback in a bathroom
Bangkok LinearBangkok Linear
Copper Antwerp product image showing the copper tones of the mosaicCopper Antwerp mosaic lifestyle image showing the mosaic being used behind a sink as a splashback
Paris Large Mosaic Product ImageParis Large Mosaic being used as a splashback
Paris Large
Lisbon mosaic tile with brown, blue, and cream tones in a geometric, Portuguese style pattern Lisbon Mosaic Tile lifestyle image, showing the tile as a backsplash in a wood, neutral toned kitchen
Jewel BlackJewel Black
Jewel Black
Glamour Bronze mosaic tile product image showing the different variations of bronze mirror and textured piecesGlamour Bronze Mosaic lifestyle image showing the product being used in the bathroom, behind a sink
Cannes Silver mosaic tile sheet product image showing the silver antique mirror effect and linear mosaic piecesCannes Silver mosaic tile being used within a zoned area of a bathroom wall which holds bathroom accessories such as a candle
Save 64%
Deluxe Greystone Mosaic tile product imageDeluxe Greystone Mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the mosaic in a zoned wall section in the bathroom
Elysee Ice Mosaic glass tile product image, showing the mix of brushed aluminium, textured glass and frosted glass in a linear, rectangular patternElysee Ice lifetstyle image showing the mosaic being used as a splashback in a kitchen
Elysee Ice
Vintage Fleur De Lys mosaic white tile in a 3 x 6 rectangular format, showing the subtle flower embossed patternFleur De Lys Mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the mosaic used in a kitchen
Save 64%
Deluxe Inkwell Mosaic Tile product imageDeluxe Inkwell Mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the mosaic tile in a zoned area of the wall in the bathroom
Vintage Blush mosaic tile 4 x 4 format with pink and grey floral patternVintage Blush mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the pink and grey mosaic on the wall
Vintage Blush
Save 62%
Tembisa SquareTembisa Square
Tembisa Square
£5 £12.99
Save 64%
Deluxe Pearl Grey Mosaic tile in grey product imageDeluxe Pearl Grey Mosaic tile sheet lifestyle image show in zoned area of the wall in a bathroom
The Stargazer Teal mosaic tile, with a metallic blue base that sparkles in the light. Features mirrored edging to each chip, and is square in format.The Stargazer Teal mosaic being used to create a zoned area in the bathroom. The blue mosaic features behind two sinks and mirrors.
The Stargazer Grey mosaic showing the metallic grey base colour, and mirrored edging to give the mosaic depth.The Stargazer Grey Mosaic being used as a zoning area in a bathroom. This zoned area is cut back into the wall to create a shelf above the bath.
Cannes Bronze mosaic tile sheet showing the antique effect mirror glass pieces.Cannes Bronze mosaic tile sheet lifestyle image showing the mosaic tile being used in a bathroom as a feature wall behind a sink