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The colour blue positively influences the mind and body, so it's no wonder that it has long featured prominently in decorative tile designs.

Blue mosaic tiles have a real impact. They are truly versatile.

They bring an elemental, natural beauty to interiors and evoke a range of feelings.

Blues can be steady and sedate or dramatic and dynamic, depending on the shade you select.

Our collection of blue mosaic tiles runs from vintage Moroccan designs through to multi-hued, aquatic and sky-blue tonal variations.

Why go blue? It's a colour that feels both utterly now and eternally classic. It brings out characteristics of confidence and significance but also has a calming effect.

Darker blues suggest elegance, lighter blues tranquillity.

Where Can You Use Blue Mosaic Tiles?

You might normally associate blue mosaic tiles with a bathroom or swimming pool, but while these are excellent uses for the colour blue, there are many more possibilities to explore.

However, let's begin with the bathroom. Blue is naturally an ocean tone, and it can feel opulent as well as calming. This makes it the perfect colour choice for a room that's as much a refuge as it is a practical zone.

The bathroom is an island of luxury in a busy home. Blue can highlight the more luxurious aspects of this special space.

Consider the blend of indigo and pastel blues in our Sea Spray tiles. Add a decorative flourish with a bright Moroccan blue tile design.

What about a blue kitchen to add accents of brilliance to this busy hub of activity? You’ve got dark blue options for splashbacks or patterned mosaic tiles to bring flashes of brightness to your worktops.

Blue isn’t just for the more practical areas of your home. The calming effects of these tones will work well in living rooms and dining areas.

And if you want to make a real splash with your interiors, create a blue-themed feature wall out of blue mosaic tiles for your hallway.

Get inventive with your tiles and use them to liven up those parts of your home that might not get a look-in. Imagine a blue-tiled chimney breast or recessed alcoves.

Browse our blue collection for inspiration and don’t limit your imagination. With a range of styles, sizes and applications, there’s bound to be a blue mosaic tile design that’s ideal for your purposes.

For more information about our tile collections, please call us on 01727 839920, or email

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VIntage MoroccanVintage Moroccan
Lisbon mosaic tile with brown, blue, and cream tones in a geometric, Portuguese style pattern Lisbon Mosaic Tile lifestyle image, showing the tile as a backsplash in a wood, neutral toned kitchen
Aleah mosaic tile product images showing the beautiful geometric design in blue, indigo and violet tones with hints of pink and yellowAleah mosaic tile showing the beautiful geometric inspired Moroccan pattern in blue, indigo and violet tones
Geo Moroccan BrightGeo Moroccan Bright
Save 67%
Rio Remix Mosaic product shot showing the different coloursRio Remix mosaic lifestyle image being used behind a bathroom sink
Rio Remix
£5 £14.99
Porto Mosaic has a blue, white, pink and yellow Moroccan inspired pattern in a 4 x 4 square formatA lifestyle image of the Porto Mosaic, with a blue, yellow, white and pink Moroccan inspired pattern, in situ behind a bath.
Save 85%
House of Mosaics Mini Metro Lapis Blue self-adhesive mosaic tile sheetHouse of Mosaics Mini Metro Lapis Blue self-adhesive mosaic tile sheet, being used as a splashback behind a sink in a bathroom
Geo Blush mosaics in a pink colour pallet featuring a range of geometric designsGeo Blush
Geo Blush
Geo Moroccan LargeGeo Moroccan Large
Geo Moroccan Bright Self-AdhesiveGeo Moroccan Bright Self Adhesive being used to add a splash of colour to a dark fire place
Tropical Mono Self-Adhesive Tile product image showing the tropical colours and designTropical Mono mosaic being used as a splashback behind a bathroom sink
Save 71%
House of Mosaics Jewel Midnight Blue mosaic product image showing the blue colour and reflected jeweled piecesJewel Midnight mosaic with dark grey grout lifestyle image showing the mosaic being used as a splashback behind a sink
Jewel Midnight Blue
£5 £16.99
Save 62%
Charming Blue self adhesive mosaic showing the white and blue chinese porcelain inspired patternCharming Blue self adhesive mosaic lifestyle
Save 50%
Orion Blue mosaic showing the white star pattern on a blue backgroundOrion Blue mosaic tile lifestyle showing the mosaic being used as a splashback
£9.99 £19.99
Save 23%
Illumine self-adhesive mosaic tile product image showing the green, blue and green irridescent tones of the mosaicIllumine mosaic self-adhesive lifestyle image showing the mosaic being used as a feature wall in a bathroom
Casablanca Mono Mosaic product image showing the monochromatic colour schemeCasablanca Mono mosaic being used as a splashback in a bathroom
Lyla Blue HexLyla Blue Hex
Lyla Blue Hex
The Stargazer Teal mosaic tile, with a metallic blue base that sparkles in the light. Features mirrored edging to each chip, and is square in format.The Stargazer Teal mosaic being used to create a zoned area in the bathroom. The blue mosaic features behind two sinks and mirrors.
Save 60%
Loire Pre-Scored Wall & Floor Tile - Pack of 7Loire Pre-Scored Wall & Floor Tile - Pack of 7
Product image showing the Floral Collection Vintage Floral tile, in a blue, white and light brown/cream colour patternLifestyle image of the Vintage Floral tile being used behind a sink in the bathroom to create a blue, white and light brown floral design feature wall
Half & Half Denim tiles - (0.52sqm)Half & Half Denim tiles - (0.52sqm)
Product image showing the blue and white floral pre-scored 450 x 450mm tile.Victorian Tile lifestyle image showing the blue floral tile being used all the way up the wall, down onto the floor behind a bath to create a zoned area