Ideas to make a real statement! 

Mosaic tiles have been around for thousands of years, with many ancient civilisations using mosaics to illustrate their cultures, lives and religions as well as for decoration. These unique and beautiful tiles have transcended time with people throughout history recognising their artistic beauty, and to this day, they remain just as popular. Mosaic tiles are used regularly in modern home design as a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to kitchens, bathrooms and more.

We have seen our customers use mosaic tiles in fun and interesting ways we would have never dreamed of, which is why in this article, we will be walking you through some of our favourite design ideas for mosaic tiles throughout the home.

Mosaic tile design ideas for kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the home that our customers choose to use mosaic tiles. We have seen a range of stunning tile projects that have used our collections in ways we couldn't even imagine to completely transform their space. Here are just some of the best design ideas we have seen over the years.

Slim Borders

A popular mosaic design choice in kitchens (or bathrooms!) is to cut the mosaic down to create a sleek horizontal or vertical border between larger format tiles. This border line can feature tiles in a slightly different shade to the surrounding tiles, or it can be completely different, offering an interesting pop of colour across the wall.


Slim Border Zoning

Zoning is an important part of any room design as it helps to separate areas according to their function. For example, Mosaic tiles can be used in rows or columns across kitchens to help divide spaces such as dining and cooking areas. Slim tile borders can also be used to create continuous lines across floors and walls to create a unique aesthetic, but it's important to ensure they are suitable for use on both walls and floors.  


Full Sheet Horizontal Borders

To create a more impactful mosaic design, full sheets can be used to create a contemporary horizontal border. The added height on this border can greatly impact your kitchen, particularly if you have chosen a colour to contrast your surrounding tiles.


(House of Mosaics Brixton)                                      (House of Mosaics Tuscon Small)

Kitchen Splashbacks

Splashbacks are one of the most popular areas our customers choose to use mosaic tiles. These tiles are durable, versatile and easy to clean, making them perfect for use in a splashback. This can be a small section directly behind your kitchen hob or paved across your kitchen between the worktops and cupboards.


(House of Mosaics Ibiza)                                                           (House of Mosaics Gunmetal Luxe)


Mosaic tile design ideas for hall

The hallway is often a forgotten part of the home as we barely spend any time in it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a little TLC! The hall is the first impression someone has of your home, and it's the first thing that greets you when you walk in the door. Mosaic tiles can help personalise this overlooked transitional space and transform it into an interesting and homely area.

Hallway Cloakroom

Whether you have a cloakroom or downstairs bathroom, simply using 1-2 sheets of mosaic tiling behind a sink can help to create a brighter and more vibrant look versus plain larger format tiles. It is also a practical choice in helping to protect your walls from soap and water splashback.


(House of Mosaics Antwerp)                              (House of Mosaics Copper Luxe)

Mirror Feature

Mirrors are a great looking and practical addition to any hallway as they help to reflect light and make your entryway feel lighter and brighter. However, with mosaic tiling, you can completely upgrade your mirror to become an artistic feature in your hallway. Using mosaics around the outer edge of your mirror can create a unique and modern looking finish.

Art Piece

Mosaic tiles can be used to create a stunning work of art in your hallway. Whatever colour, style, shape and material you are looking for, there is something to help you channel your inner creativity. You can choose to create a unique patterned work of art or something more abstract!

Mosaic tile design ideas for bathroom

Bathrooms are the other most popular room of the home where our customers choose to use a range of mosaic tiles. Not only do they help to add the right pop of colour to the space, but they are also a practical choice for use on both wet room floors and walls. Here we have some of the best ways we have seen our customers use mosaic tile design in their bathrooms.

Feature Walls

Feature walls using mosaic tiles are the perfect way to make a real statement in any bathroom. This could be a whole wall with an intricate and playful design as a focal point or something as simple as feature bath panels. When teamed with a slim border above the bath, a bath panel feature can be a subtle but effective way to design a statement look that modernises your space. Feature mosaic designs can also be created behind sinks as a practical and unique addition to the room.


(House of Mosaics Monte Carlo)                          (House of Mosaics Abu Dhabi Bronze)

Toilet Zoning

As mentioned, zoning is a key part of the interior design process, and it can be particularly useful in bathrooms. The modern bathroom is a multifunctional space where we bathe, shower, wash our hands, use the toilet and more. As such, zoning with mosaic tiles can help to offer visual separation in your space. For example, mosaics behind a toilet is a great way to create an eye-catching statement whilst allowing this part of the bathroom to feel divided from the rest.

Recess Shelf

Many homes have recessed shelving above their sink or in the shower which are perfect for housing decorations, mirrors or toiletries. These are ideal places to use mosaic tiles to add a pop of colour to your bathroom. Simply use a water-resistant board such as HardieBacker to build up the area, then apply your mosaic tiles directly to the board.


(House of Mosaics Calacatta Luxe)                      (House of Mosaics Cannes Silver)

Floor Separation

Zoning in your bathroom can be achieved by creating divided areas on the floor in between larger format tiles. Just make sure you choose mosaic tiles that are suitable for use on wet room flooring- they will need to handle regular footfall, be water-resistant and have a suitable slip resistance rating.


Curved Mosaic Feature

You may have seen curved mosaic tiles commonly used in spas and swimming pools to create a luxurious ambience. This look can be replicated in your home using water-resistant mosaic tiles as part of your sink basin design. To find out more about this style of design, feel free to get in touch with our team, who can assist you with finding the right mosaic tiles for your bathroom project.



Mosaic tile design ideas for shower

Not only are tiled showers visually appealing, but they are also very durable and easy to keep clean. Mosaic designs are a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your shower, and they can also help to zone your room

Zoned Shower Areas

Mosaic tiles can help create more of a feature out of your shower area, separating it from the rest of the bathroom and creating zones.


(House of Mosaics Paris)                  (House of Mosaics Niagara)

Wet Room Floors

If your shower is part of a wet room, you can make a feature by simply using mosaics of the floor of your wetroom alongside larger format tiles. You will, however, need to ensure that the mosaics are suitable for use on the floor and within a high volume water area, such as a wetroom. Feel free to speak to our House of Mosaics team or check the packaging of our mosaics for further details.


Wet Room Divider Walls

If you have enough space in your bathroom, you can use mosaics on divider walls to separate your shower, bath, or toilet for added privacy. These wall pieces will give your bathroom the wow factor and provide you with a style similar to a spa. Again you will need to ensure that the mosaic tiles you have chosen are suitable for use on walls and floors in wet rooms. You can consult our House of Mosaics team or check the packaging of our mosaics for further details.


Mosaic tile design ideas for living room

Whilst most people associate mosaic tiles with kitchen backsplashes and bathroom walls, mosaics have many gorgeous applications in living rooms.


One of the most frequently used mosaic tile designs is around a living room fireplace. Depending on what material you use, mosaics can help to transform a space and create an elegant focal point. Traditionally stone is used around fireplaces in the UK, so you could use stone mosaics or go contemporary, using glass or mixed materials for a more unique look. You must also check that the tiles you have chosen are suitable for use around a fireplace and are heat resistant. If you have any questions, feel free to speak to our team!


(House of Mosaics Geo Moroccan Bright Self-Adhesive)

Accent Wall

Mosaic tiles are the perfect addition to a living room if you want to create an interesting accent wall. Instead of a plain painted colour, mosaic tiles are available in a wide range of materials that allow you to create a feature that has unique textures, dimensions and design. This could be a stand-alone feature wall or could be used to hang art or a television onto to create an attractive focal point in your space.

Mosaic Floor Design

With such a wide array of designs, colours and materials available, increasingly homeowners are choosing to use mosaic tiles to create a one of a kind floor design. Whether you want something modern and neutral or a more intricate design to add character to your living room, mosaic tiles can be used in so many ways.


For the adventurous!

Headboard Feature

Not restricted to the kitchen or bathroom...try in the bedroom! Mosaics can make a fantastic statement as a headboard, and make a great alternative to wallpaper!

Whether you are creating a one of a kind feature wall or updating your bathroom, there are countless ways to use mosaic tiles in your home. If you are interested in any of the mosaic tiles in our collection and aren't sure which would work best in your space, why not take advantage of our Sample Service?

If you have any questions about any of our mosaic tiles, don't hesitate to get in touch with our House of Mosaics team on 01785 719509 or email We are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your home.