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Grey Mosaic Tiles

Grey mosaic tiles are the perfect choice for creating a tranquil, contemporary space in both indoor and outdoor settings. They are incredibly versatile and provide you with a simple but effective way of revamping your home. Whether you are looking for tiles to use as part of a feature wall, a backsplash or even as flooring, grey tiles suit any space.

We are proud to offer a diverse range of grey mosaic tiles in varying tones to perfectly colour match any décor. Our selection of lighter grey tiles can be used in both smaller and larger areas, helping to open up the space with a softer, brighter feel. They can also be interspersed with dark tiles for a more striking patterned effect that draws the eye.

Our darker grey mosaic tiles are ideal for those looking to add a touch of drama and depth with a modern twist. They are the perfect addition to both kitchens and bathrooms when looking to create an up to date luxurious space to relax in. With such a broad spectrum of shades available, grey works perfectly on its own but can also make brighter colours in the room appear more vibrant.

Whatever you are looking for, we guarantee you'll find a style, pattern, and shade that offers the balance between beauty and practicality to suit any home. Our collection of grey mosaic tiles is available in styles from classic to contemporary, vintage to luxe in a variety of materials such as glass, natural stone and porcelain.

Simply use the filter alongside the left-hand side to search for your perfect shape, shade, style and material. Tiles are available for both indoor and outdoor projects on both walls and floors in kitchens, bathrooms and any other space in your home.

House of Mosaics is proud to offer a stunning and varied selection of grey tiles that will add a contemporary touch of elegance wherever they are placed. We are so passionate about providing our customers with the best selection of stylish mosaic tiles, of the utmost quality, at the most reasonable prices.

Why not browse through our collection below and find the perfect fit for your space! We offer samples of our collection with 1/8 of a tile sheet so you can ensure the colour and texture are to your liking. If you have any questions about any of our tiles, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to assist you further.

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Lifestyle image showing the House of Mosaics Outdoor Porcelain Nordic Decor tile, being used in an outdoor living space as a 'rug', with the grey Nordic tilesProduct image of Outdoor Porcelain 600mm x 600mm x 20mm tile, in Nordic Decor, showing the grey, stone effect Geo pattern of the tile
Product image of 3D Spiro showing the geometric pattern in greyLifestyle image of 3D Spiro being used in a bathroom
3D Spiro
Save 85%
Pebble Grey Subway Self-AdhesivePebble Grey Subway Self-Adhesive
A lifestyle image of the House of Mosaics Nordic Outdoor Porcelain Tile in light grey, used in an outdoor seating areaProduct image of Outdoor Porcelain 600mm x 600mm x 20mm tile, in Nordic, which is a light grey, stone effect tile
Save 64%
Brick shaped mosaic on a white background featuring different subtle floral pattern deisgnsDarcy mosaic tile lifestyle image showing a zoned mosaic wall area in a bathroom. With a stand alone grey bathtub and muted pink flowers
Vintage Pretty
£5 £13.99
3D Sprio Self-Adhesive mosaic with an on-trend monochrome, moroccan design and encaustic matt finish3D Spiro Self-Adhesive mosaic lifestyle image, with the mosaic being used behind a sink in the bathroom
Petrol Marble Mix Self-AdhesivePetrol Marble Mix Self-Adhesive
Monocrackle mosaic tile product image showing the mix of crackle effect glass, gunmetal diamante pieces in grey tonesMonocrackle mosaic lifestyle image being used as zoned area in shower
Stone Etch Mosaic Tile showing grey marble pattern in a 6 x 6 mosaic format, with smaller 4 x 4 squaresLifestyle image of Stone Etch Mosaic, showing the grey marble mosaic as a zoning area in a bathroom
Stone Etch
Save 62%
£5 £12.99
Save 69%
Florista Blush mosaic tile 4 x 4 format with pink and grey floral patternFlorista Blush mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the pink and grey mosaic on the wall
Vintage Blush
£5 £15.99
Carrera BrickCarrera Brick
Carrera Brick
Save 41%
Mono Fan product shot showing the lily-pad design on square format mosaic chips. A monochromatic colour scheme with contrasting line designMono Fan lifestlye image showing the monochromatic mosaic being used behind a kitchen island
£9.99 £16.99
Marble LuxeMarble Luxe
Marble Luxe
Gunmetal LuxeGunmetal Luxe
Gunmetal Luxe
Save 62%
Metamorphic self-adhesive mosaic product image showing the etched square mosaic piecesMetamorphic self-adhesive mosaic being used to create a border in a bathroom against dark large format tiles
Casablanca Mono Mosaic product image showing the monochromatic colour schemeCasablanca Mono mosaic being used as a splashback in a bathroom
Casablanca Monochrome Self-AdhesiveCasablanca Monochrome Self-Adhesive
Riyadh Silver Self-AdhesiveRiyadh Silver Self-Adhesive
Save 85%
Deluxe Greystone Mosaic tile product imageDeluxe Greystone Mosaic tile lifestyle image showing the mosaic in a zoned wall section in the bathroom
Tuscon Small product image of the mosaicTuscon Small Mosaic Lifestyle Images showing the mosaic being used as a border in a bathroom behind the sink
Carrera MixCarrera Mix
Carrera Mix
Save 62%
Dreamscape mosaic product shot showing the monochromatic colour scheme with glitter pieces in square formatDreamscape mosaic tile being used as a splashback behind a bathroom sink showing the monochromatic mosaic with glitter pieces
Paris Large Mosaic Product ImageParis Large Mosaic being used as a splashback
Paris Large
Lifestyle image showing House of Mosaics Bombay grey outdoor porcelain tile being used to create an outdoor living space in the garden, with a set of grey table and chairsProduct image of Outdoor Porcelain 600mm x 600mm x 20mm tile, in Bombay, showing the grey, stone effect tile
Jewel BlackJewel Black
Jewel Black
Opulence Porcelain - Smoke GreyOpulence Porcelain - Smoke Grey
Mini Metro Grey Wall TileMini Metro Grey Mosaic Tile Lifestyle Image