How To Choose The Correct Grout For Your Mosaics!

Whilst many see grout as just a practical part of the tiling process, it is an integral piece of the overall design and can enhance the look of your mosaic tiling. Choosing the right colour grout is arguably just as important as the colour of your tiles, which is why, in this article, we will be helping you to decide what colour grout to use with your mosaic tiles.

General Rules for Choosing Grout colour

When it comes to grouting, the general rule is that whatever colour you choose should have enough contrast against the tiles, so it doesn't blend in. If the grout colour is too close to the shade of your tiles, it can make your mosaic disappear unless looking up close.

However, when it comes to larger format tiles, choosing a similar colour grout to your tiles will create a beautiful, seamless finish! It all depends on the look you’re trying to achieve and the tiles you’re using.

The idea of having clean white grout lines is appealing, but against some mosaic tiles, it can appear harsh and draw attention away from your design. It is important to consider how white grout will appear alongside your tiles, as with lighter tiles, it may accentuate their design, but others may appear washed out. Alternatively, darker coloured grout can help to add definition to a mosaic design, and with darker tiles, it can create a more unified look.

Many homeowners choose to meet in the middle with a shade of grey grout as this can help to highlight the design and shape of their mosaic tiles. Grey generally is the most popular grout colour, mainly because it is more forgiving on tiles located in high traffic areas.  

Examples of Grout & Mosaic Tile Combinations

Matching Tile & Grout Colours

For those looking to install mosaic tiles that look bright, clean and neat but aren't the focal point of their room, matching the grout with their tiles is a great choice. This works particularly well with white tiles and white grout and darker tiles and dark coloured grout. However, if you want your tiles to still pop a little, why not play around with different textured tiles or mosaic tiles that are more three dimensional, as this will help create a uniform but accentuated effect.

Glitter Grout

If you're looking to add a little sparkle to your space, glitter grout is the perfect way to help give your room the right pop of colour. Glitter adds glamour to a range of tiles, helping to reflect light and draw the eye to the mosaic tile pattern. You can find glitter grout in gold, silver, and a range of other colours to perfectly match your chosen tiles.

Black & White

Whether it's white tiles with black grout or black tiles with white grout, this contrasting effect is increasingly popular. A great example of this is the classic white subway style tiles and black grout, which helps to accentuate the shape and pattern of the tiles. Contrasting tiles and grout help create a sleek, modern style perfect for any contemporary home.

There are countless coloured grout options to accompany any mosaic tile pattern perfectly, but it is important to get it right the first time. Once your grout is applied, it is very difficult to change the colour without employing the help of a professional. We would always recommend testing different grout colours with a small section of your chosen mosaic tile to understand better how the finished product will look.

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