How to Clean Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Outdoor porcelain tiles are fairly low maintenance when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. But you still need to pay them some attention and give them regular care and cleaning.

The good news is that this doesn’t involve industrial-grade cleaning materials or apparatus. With our modern outdoor spaces becoming so much of an extension of our indoor homes, it makes sense to keep them looking clean and tidy – without having to go overboard.


What Should You Use to Clean Outdoor Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are water-resistant and won't absorb moisture. This makes them easier to clean than natural stone or wooden decking.

The reason why porcelain tiles are so durable is that as part of their manufacturing they undergo a vitrification process. They are fired at high temperatures, and this builds their resistance against surface contaminants.

Therefore, to clean these hard-wearing tiles, you’ll need:

  • A brush or broom
  • Warm, soapy water
  • A sponge or mop.

AVOID these cleaning materials:

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Wax-based cleaners
  • Steel brushes
  • Heavy or hard-bristled scrubbers.

Because porcelain tiles are naturally resistant to the build-up of algae and other surface growths, you shouldn’t apply too much force or use harsh substances to get them looking clean

When you do mop your tiles, use a pH neutral detergent. This means it’s safe to use with any surface. The pH scale measure how acidic or alkaline a solution is. Values under pH7 are acidic, over pH7 and they’re alkaline.

Certain surfaces are especially sensitive to acidic or alkaline cleaners. This covers traditional remedies such as vinegar, which has a pH value of around 3.


The best way to ensure you won’t damage your surfaces when cleaning them is to use a pH neutral cleaner. Always rinse your outdoor tiles with clean water afterwards, to remove any traces of the pH neutral cleaning agent.

How to Clean Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

The cleaning process will vary slightly, depending on whether your outdoor porcelain tiles are:

  • Unpolished
  • Polished

The first stage of cleaning is to sweep away any loose dirt or debris from the tiles. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for this task.If you’ve got polished tiles, use a dust mop rather than a brush or broom, to avoid abrasive contact with the surface of the tiles.You may need to apply the brush more vigorously to textured tiles to remove any dirt that is lodged in the textured surface. 

Next, mop the tiles with warm water and a pH neutral detergent. Allow the soapy water to stand for around 10 minutes. Make sure it doesn’t dry. At this stage, you may need to scrub textured tiles with a soft-bristled brush to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Scrub first in the direction of the texture and then diagonally to dislodge and remaining deposits.

Rinse the tiles thoroughly to get rid of any traces of the pH detergent. After this, you can simply let the tiles dry.


How Often Should You Clean Outdoor Porcelain Tiles?

This will vary according to use. During the summer, you'll probably be spending more time outdoors, therefore your tiled surface will have more footfall.

The good news is that even cleaning tiles weekly is a quick and simple task. Just mop them with soapy water, rinse and leave them to dry. They are also perfectly safe to use with a pressure washer, which will also speed up the cleaning process. 

Do make sure you carry out a thorough clean of your tiles at least twice a year. A good time to do this is before and after the winter months. 

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