Hexia Blush

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£77 Per Square Metre

A true show stopper, Hexia Blush pink mosaic tiles are sure to turn heads. Hexagonal tiles have a distinctive pattern. Imagine the impact of adding blush pink to this captivating tile design.

Our Hexia Blush design combines muted shades of grey with a deep blush pink to create a gleaming tile that looks and feels luxurious.

The non-standard appearance of this honeycomb layout makes it stand out from the crowd. It's based on a natural structure that repeats itself effortlessly. Interlocking seamlessly, these blush pink tiles provide the perfect interior design solution for feature walls and functional spaces.

When you apply Hexia Pink tiles, they create beautiful arrangements with a visual precision that captures your gaze.

Contrasting pink and grey tones create a contemporary tile, which is the perfect partner to larger format Calacatta, white or grey tiles. They look utterly of the moment.

With their smooth, Calacatta textures, Hexia Blush tiles combine boldness with cool classicism.

The three-way split between warm and cool grey tones and the blush pink panel creates geometric contrast. This produces a three-dimensional illusion, adding a sense of depth when you display these tiles. They're perfect for adding character to different spaces.

Hexia Blush mosaic tiles come with a mesh backer that makes installation that much easier for you.

Application Wall
Colour Grey
Colour Pink
Colour White
Customer type Classic
Customer type Contemporary
Material Porcelain
Shape Hexagon
Style guide Hotel Boutique
Style guide Majestic Marbles
Style guide The Trend Edit
Tile type Mosaic Tiles
Individual Chip Size Mm multi
No Of Sheets Per Square Metre 11
Overall Tile Size Mm 330 x 309
Recommended Grout Colour WHITE OR GREY
Recommended Type Of Grout SMOOTH, LESS COARSE
Tile Compliment Colour WHITE OR GREY
Tile Depth Mm 6mm

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