£14.99 Per Tile
£164.89 Per Square Metre

Antwerp mosaic tiles take the classic checkerboard tile design and give it a contemporary twist.

Here, you have tiny glass mosaic squares that combine silver shading with a striped tissue texture effect. The overall impact is enhanced monochrome with shimmering grace notes and subtle variations in linear and horizontal patterning.

Antwerp wall tiles allow you to combine creativity with practical design, transforming your living spaces into showcases of modern mosaic art.

They’re an excellent way of adding accents to other tiled areas. They’re made of glass, so they’re easy to clean and ideal for use in bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

Design horizontal or vertical borders using mosaic tiles. You can apply this technique throughout your home. Don’t limit yourself to only certain areas.

Match them with grey or white tile shades to highlight complementary and contrasting aspects.

Be bold. Apply zoning effects using Antwerp tiles. Create entire feature walls. Use mosaic tiles to highlight recessed areas behind your shelving.

The only real limits are your own imagination. Antwerp mosaic tiles are simple to install. They come in sheets complete with a mesh backing.

You can apply mosaic tiles pretty much anywhere for a decorative, durable finish. Do remember, however, that Antwerp tiles are only suitable for walls, not floors.

Application Wall
Colour Black
Colour Grey
Colour Silver
Customer type Contemporary
Material Glass
Shape Square
Style guide All That Glitters and Shimmers
Style guide Classic Monochrome
Style guide Precious Metals
Tile type Mosaic Tiles
Individual Chip Size Mm 20 x 20
No Of Sheets Per Square Metre 11
Overall Tile Size Mm 300 x 300
Recommended Grout Colour WHITE
Recommended Type Of Grout SMOOTH, LESS COARSE
Tile Compliment Colour BLACK, WHITE, OR DARK GREY
Tile Depth Mm 8mm

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