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Geo Moroccan Bright Self-AdhesiveGeo Moroccan Bright Self-Adhesive
Mosaic Backer SheetMosaic Backer Sheet
Abu Dhabi Bronze Self-AdhesiveAbu Dhabi Bronze Self-Adhesive
Abu Dhabi Silver Self-AdhesiveAbu Dhabi Silver Self-Adhesive
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The Aquamarine Mosaic showing the blue, green square mosaic pattern. Some chips have a textured pattern to add a different dimension.A close up of the Aquamarine mosaic, showing the thickness of the blue/green mosaic chips.
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House of Mosaics Mini Metro Lapis Blue self-adhesive mosaic tile sheetHouse of Mosaics Mini Metro Lapis Blue self-adhesive mosaic tile sheet, being used as a splashback behind a sink in a bathroom
Mini Metro White Self-AdhesiveMini Metro White Self-Adhesive
Jewel White Self-AdhesiveJewel White
Riyadh Silver Self-AdhesiveRiyadh Silver Self-Adhesive
Riyadh Bronze Self-AdhesiveRiyadh Bronze Self-Adhesive
Mini Metro Black Self-AdhesiveMini Metro Black Self-Adhesive
Tropical Mono Self-AdhesiveTropical Mono Self-Adhesive
Petrol Marble Mix Self-AdhesivePetrol Marble Mix Self-Adhesive
Mini Metro Grey Self-AdhesiveMini Metro Grey Self-Adhesive
3D Sprio Self-Adhesive mosaic with an on-trend monochrome, moroccan design and encaustic matt finish3D Spiro Self-Adhesive mosaic lifestyle image, with the mosaic being used behind a sink in the bathroom
Casablanca Monochrome Self-AdhesiveCasablanca Monochrome Self-Adhesive