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Self-adhesive tiles, also known as stick on tiles, add a decorative flourish to any home and they’re easy for you to apply.

They come in a range of porcelain, glass and natural stone materials but with the addition of a self-adhesive backing.

What are Self-Adhesive Tiles? 

Self-Adhesive tiles offer you the means of decorating and enhancing your living space quickly, neatly and effectively. 

Our collection is extensive and varied and includes Moroccan-inspired patterns, metallic finishes and bold, contemporary designs. 

In fact, these tiles match the quality and variety of our other ranges, but with the convenience of a self-adhesive backing. 

What Makes them Easy to Use? 

For many people, the drawback of choosing tiles as a practical, decorative design feature comes with fitting them. If you’re not an experienced tiler, then fitting tiles can be daunting. 

But with self-adhesive tiles, everything is so much simpler. Another name for them is peel-and-stick tiles. They come with a self-adhesive backing that you simply peel off to apply them to stick them to your surface. 

What Makes our Self-Adhesive Tiles Different? 

Unlike many other types of peel-and-stick tiles, our self-adhesive tiles are actual mosaic pieces. They’re not vinyl sheets made to look as if they’re individual tiles. Once you’ve applied them, you’ve then got the option to grout in between them to enhance their finish. They’re the real deal. 

Essentially, you’re getting the quality of mosaic tiles with the added convenience of a peel-and-stick application. 

When we say these are tiles, we mean it. 

Where Can You Use Them in Your Home? 

Self-adhesive tiles are ideal if you want to give your home a quick and easy makeover. 

To cut tile sheets to size, you can use a utility knife or scissors. Then apply your tiles to a suitable surface. 

Use them in the bathroom or kitchen, in bedrooms or in your living room. You can transform shelf recesses into feature walls or apply slim tile borders to add accents to features or furniture. 

These are for walls only, don’t attempt to use them on floors. You can apply them to existing painted or wallpapered surfaces. They’ll stick firmly to curved surfaces too. 

You can use them confidently in bathrooms, but do make sure you’re not applying them to areas where they will be exposed to surface water for prolonged periods. 

Some of our self-adhesive tile styles are heavier than others. Therefore,  we recommend you do apply grout to ensure a firm fit and finish for these tiles. 

When you apply grout, make sure you remove any from the surface of the tiles straight away, using a damp sponge or soft cloth. Don't let the grout dry on the surface of your tiles. 

Explore a World of Tiles 

Eliminate the mess and hassle of tiling and discover the ideal decorative and practical answer to add distinctive design to your interiors. 

Browse our collection today. For more information, please call us on 01727 839920, or email 

We also offer a sample service for you to try before you buy.

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The Aquamarine Mosaic showing the blue, green square mosaic pattern. Some chips have a textured pattern to add a different dimension.A close up of the Aquamarine mosaic, showing the thickness of the blue/green mosaic chips.
Riyadh Bronze Self-Adhesive product imageRiyadh Bronze Self-Adhesive
Geo Moroccan Bright Self-AdhesiveGeo Moroccan Bright Self Adhesive being used to add a splash of colour to a dark fire place
Abu Dhabi Bronze Self-AdhesiveAbu Dhabi Bronze Self-Adhesive
Tropical Mono Self-Adhesive Tile product image showing the tropical colours and designTropical Mono mosaic being used as a splashback behind a bathroom sink
Abu Dhabi Silver Self-AdhesiveAbu Dhabi Silver Self-Adhesive
Mini Metro White Self-AdhesiveMini Metro White Self-Adhesive
3D Sprio Self-Adhesive mosaic with an on-trend monochrome, moroccan design and encaustic matt finish3D Spiro Self-Adhesive mosaic lifestyle image, with the mosaic being used behind a sink in the bathroom
Jewel White Self-AdhesiveJewel White
Riyadh Silver Self-AdhesiveRiyadh Silver Self-Adhesive
Mini Metro Black Self-AdhesiveMini Metro Black Self-Adhesive
Petrol Marble Mix Self-AdhesivePetrol Marble Mix Self-Adhesive
Casablanca Monochrome Self-AdhesiveCasablanca Monochrome Self-Adhesive