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Opulence Porcelain - VanillaOpulence Porcelain - Vanilla
Product Image of the Floral Eclipse tile showing the black and white floral designLifestyle image of the Floral Eclipse tile showing the floral tile being used as a feature wall in a bathroom, with two mirrors and two sinks
Product image showing the Floral Collection Vintage Floral tile, in a blue, white and light brown/cream colour patternLifestyle image of the Vintage Floral tile being used behind a sink in the bathroom to create a blue, white and light brown floral design feature wall
Opulence Porcelain - Black RippleOpulence Porcelain - Black Ripple
Product image showing the blue and white floral pre-scored 450 x 450mm tile.Victorian Tile lifestyle image showing the blue floral tile being used all the way up the wall, down onto the floor behind a bath to create a zoned area
Opulence Porcelain - GreyOpulence Porcelain - Grey
Lifestyle image showing the House of Mosaics Outdoor Porcelain Nordic Decor tile, being used in an outdoor living space as a 'rug', with the grey Nordic tilesProduct image of Outdoor Porcelain 600mm x 600mm x 20mm tile, in Nordic Decor, showing the grey, stone effect Geo pattern of the tile
Opulence Porcelain - Grey RippleOpulence Porcelain - Grey Ripple
Product image of Classic tile showing the floral grey, black and white design Lifestyle image of a bathroom, with a bath under a window showing the Floral Classic tile on the floor
Lifestyle image of the House of Mosaics outdoor porcelain Black Slate tile, showing the tiles being used as stepping stones leading to a raised area for a perfect outdoor living spaceProduct image of Outdoor Porcelain 600mm x 600mm x 20mm tile, in Black Slate, which is a Dark Grey / Black, stone effect tile
Outdoor Porcelain Tile - Cosmic RadiusOutdoor Porcelain Tile - Cosmic Radius
Grey Chalky Stars 20 x 20 cm (0.52 sqm)
Half & Half Blush tiles - (0.52sqm)Half & Half Blush tiles - (0.52sqm)
Half & Half Denim tiles - (0.52sqm)Half & Half Denim tiles - (0.52sqm)
Half & Half Fern tiles - (0.52sqm)Half & Half Fern tiles - (0.52sqm)
Half & Half Mono tiles - (0.52sqm)Half & Half Mono tiles - (0.52sqm)
Boho Beautiful Pre-scored Tiles (1.42 sqm)Boho Beautiful Pre-scored Tiles (1.42 sqm)
Bermondsey Blush Tile (1.42sqm)Bermondsey Blush Tile (1.42sqm)