Vintage Pretty


£9.99 Per Tile
£109.89 Per Square Metre

Muted blush, grey and off-white tones give this mosaic it's vintage look. The combination of distressed geometric patterns add a softness and 'lived in' feel to any room it's used in. A subtle country style mosaic finished in a matt effect. 

To make installation easier, each mosaic sheet comes with a mesh backer. This allows you to cut the mosaic to the required size and shape, to ensure it fits perfectly to your home!

You can use Vintage Pretty Mosaic horizontally or vertically, between larger white format tiles to create a border. Or, really make a statement by creating a feature wall or zoned area.

This mosaic is made from glass material, making it suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms and showers.

Application Wall
Colour Grey
Colour Pink
Customer type Classic
Customer type Vintage
Material Glass
Shape Brick
Shape Rectangle
Style guide All About Autumn
Style guide oh so vintage
Tile type Mosaic Tiles
Individual Chip Size Mm 95 x 45
No Of Sheets Per Square Metre 11
Overall Tile Size Mm 300 x 350
Recommended Grout Colour WHITE
Recommended Type Of Grout SMOOTH, LESS COARSE
Tile Compliment Colour WHITE OR GREY
Tile Depth Mm 8mm

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