Mosaic Backer Sheet


£1.99 Per Tile
£21.89 Per Square Metre

Using a self-adhesive mosaic backer makes the sheets of mosaic more rigid, to help make the installation quicker and easier.  In addition, the mosaic backer sheet can bring mosaics up to a suitable height. For example, if using mosaics as a border the backer sheet can be used to bring the mosaics to the height of the adjacent tiles.

Ensures tiles are evenly spaced, and at 300mm x 300mm, will fit a standard sheet of mosaic.

Easy to cut down with a pair of scissors!

Application Wall
Material Self Adhesive
Tile type Tile Accessories
Tile type Tile Backer Sheet
Individual Chip Size Mm ALL
No Of Sheets Per Square Metre 11
Overall Tile Size Mm 305 x 305
Recommended Grout Colour N/A
Recommended Type Of Grout N/A
Tile Compliment Colour N/A
Tile Depth Mm 1.4mm

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