We're going back to nature in 2023 with these tile trends...

It’s a brand-new year and with that comes brand new tile trends! We’ve considered many different areas of tiles including shape, material, colour and much more to whittle it down to 6 key trend areas.

Are you on the lookout for some beautiful new bathroom tiles, or does your kitchen splashback need a refresh? From hues of blues to fabulous florals, we’ve got endless tile inspiration along with our tile recommendations so you can be bang on trend for 2023.


Blue Hues

Think oceans, waves, butterflies, the sky, blue hydrangeas… the Blue Hues trend is all about reuniting with nature. Bring those beautiful blue tones inside to create nature inspired spaces.

This trend works well with other colours too. Pair with deep sea or forest greens to create tranquil, calming interiors. Or contrast with earthy tones such as yellows or terracotta browns (more on this later in the blog!) for an eye-catching colour combo.

HoM Trend Spot;

(Mosaics above; Stargazer Teal
(Mosaics from left to right; BrixtonHelsinki)


Memorable Marbles

Marbles tiles are a continual trend year on year. However, each year they evolve into something even more spectacular. This year marble is all about swirls of brilliant blues, gleaming greens and bronze browns.

For those looking for more timeless marbles, neutral tones are still present including a white or black base with varying degrees of vein strength. Marble tiles and mosaics are always a classic choice.

HoM Trend Spot;


(Mosaics above; Monte Carlo Black
(Tiles from left to right; Venice White, Calacatta Nexa Outdoor Porcelain)


Muted Moroccans

A stunning trend, Moroccan inspired tile designs bring visual interest to any space. This year, this trend sees more muted tones with distressed effects.

If you’ve found this trend overwhelming before, now is the perfect time to try it in these muted colourways as the pattern becomes the focus whilst the colour stays more neutral!

HoM Trend Spot;


(Mosaics above; Geo Moroccan Black & White
(Mosaics from left to right; 3D Sprio, Lisbon)


Fabulous Florals

Floral designs have exploded into the world of tiles! With endless designs and patterns, this trend also takes inspiration from nature. From intricate floral designs that look like pieces of art, to more geometric shapes, the floral tile trend creates some really beautiful tiling features.

HoM Trend Spot;

(Mosaics above; Tropical Mono
(Tiles from left to right; Florista Blush, Classic)


Stellar Shapes

Be bold with Stellar Shapes! Step outside of the square or rectangle box and try

tiles in other shapes such as scallops, hex or circles. Tiles in these shapes never fail to create eye-catching tile features walls or floors.

Shape can still be explored however in the standard square or rectangle tile formats if shaped tiles are just a bit too far for you! Try Lily patterns on square mosaics to get the look.


HoM Trend Spot;

(Tiles from left to right; Hexia Blush, Mono Fan)


Terracotta Terranova

Coming back to true earthy inspiration, terracotta is making a come back.

Focusing on reds, yellows and browns and considering not just terracotta as a material but also the tones.

Terracotta goes great with other trend

s too! Pair with blues from the Blue Hues trend for a perfect pop, or mix with florals for a biophilic inspired interior.

HoM Trend Spot;

(Mosaics above; Dylan
(Tiles from left to right; Lisbon (Terracotta + Moroccan trend!), Ashton Outdoor Porcleain)


We hope these trends have inspired you and provided some ideas for your next tiling project! As fun as it is to follow trends, always remember to go with what you really love, whether that be one trend or a mix, as that truly never goes out of style!

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