Redesigning a utility room with Jewel White Self-Adhesive Tiles!

We know that Friday feeling all too well! It’s the end of a rainy week, school uniforms are slung over radiators and bedroom floors, just as the unruly kids run through the front door in football kits COATED in mud. Looks like that meet up with the mates is going to have to be delayed by another hour or two.

There’s no escaping this Friday scene, so how can we go about making the ordeal a little more bearable?

How about a sparkling, glamorous utility room? Somewhere you feel you can pop open a bottle of pre-weekend wine, whilst cleaning away the weeks mess. Sounds therapeutic to me…Keep reading to see how we created a calm and inviting utility space.


Step 1) Assess the Mess:


We started by assessing the situation at hand and focusing on three main areas:

Colour –The utility doubles as an entrance way from the garden to the kitchen. With the brown dated aesthetic, its no wonder nobody feels inclined to stop and load the dryer.

We want to open this space up to be a more inviting and used area, whilst implementing a clean transition between the busy kitchen space and garden patio. We decided white was the best option for the utility, in keeping with the clean theme we are aiming for, and to set off the light coming through the large door window.

Texture - The Matt tiles on both the floor and above the counter add no decorative value to the space. We get that this is a functional room, but a bit of gloss and glitz never goes a miss. We want to find a tile with a bit of sparkle and texture, something to add depth and personality.

Accessibility and convenience – Luckily, there is already a good amount of storage in this area, however the floor to ceiling fridge limits work top space, and the cupboard door could be a bit of an obstacle - especially when tangled up in tights and iron leads. Some clever storage additions would be a real asset to the functionality of the room, also allowing for more wall space to add the new tiles.


Step 2) Plan for success:

So now its time to choose our tile. We have highlighted the key features we wish to implement and use this to create a mood board of inspiration and ideas to point us to the correct product.

White, Sparkly, textured, and minimal, our jewel white self-adhesive mosaic tile sheet is the perfect product for the job, with all the benefits of an easy to apply peel and stick backing.


Step 3) Self-adhesive = less stress:

Time for an easy application of the main event. All the tools we needed are listed below and our step-by-step instructions can be found here.

  • Mosaic sheets, ensure you purchase enough, we recommend allowing for an extra 10% in case of any mistakes or damages during application.
  • Pencil – for marking out the sheets areas
  • Box cutter knife or scissors – for easily trimming down the sheets to suit your area and hard to fit coreners
  • Tape measure or ruler – For layout accuracy
  • Spirit level – To keep things in line and looking symettrical.


Step 4) Dress to impress!

Finally, we added some finishing touches to the space.

  • A lick of white paint on the walls and door,
  • Vinyl floor pops and vinyl marble worktop cover,
  • Cute, labelled jars for detergents and fabric softener,
  • A drop-down ironing board to utilise the space,
  • New plug fixtures to keep in theme with the neutral area.




...and after!

WHAT a transformation. With just a simple minimal lick of paint, our glamorous Jewel White Self-Adhesive tiles, and some useful accessories, the space has become so much more inviting, functional, and in keeping with the home. If monochrome isn’t your style, and you prefer a funkier feel to your utility, then take a look at our range of self–adhesive mosaics, we’ve paired a couple of ideas up below for some inspiration 😊




Geo Moroccan Bright Self-Adhsieve Mosaic:

Glimmer Copper Self-Adhesive Mosaic:

KitchenMosaic tilesSelf-adhesive mosaics

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