Pantone 13-1023 Peach Fuzz

This year we welcome peach fuzz with open arms. With life zooming at 700 miles an hour it can sometimes be known to sweep us off our feet (and not in the way we’d hope). However, with this gentle velvety peach tone effortlessly canvassing 2024, we are reminded to breathe deeply, declutter, and take time to notice the inevitability of bright days ahead.

Pantone 13-1023 Peach Fuzz


In recent years there has been a clear movement spanning generations and continents. Optimism and self-care have become integral to our everyday lives and routines, and with the whirlwind of the pandemic came a sudden appreciation for our home comforts and staying in – a movement we can certainly get on board with!

Building a cozy nesting space to spend time recharging, alone with a book or snuggled up with loved ones correlates with the Scandinavian term, Hygge, which describes a cozy, contented mood evoked by simple comforts and conviviality. Fluffy blankets, fresh flowers and candles are some of the fundamentals of this Danish culture, and pastel tones are the perfect neutral glow to encompass these elements. Peach Fuzz is radiant with warmth and elegance that spreads the hygge-like feeling far and wide throughout 2024.


Our favourites from this year’s palettes:

Libations cleverly evokes a natural earthiness without shouting about it through the use of green or grey. With shades bordering on ‘Greige’ this is the perfect range for those transitioning their space from an all grey/muted theme and to begin adding in soft, subtle sections of warmth without using the ubiquitous ‘colour pop’. A tile from our range could be the bridge for these new colour explorers, for example Fiore blossom which harnesses elements of each movement.


Pre-Scored Floral Blossom Wall & Floor Tile - House of Mosaics


Pairings is a playful way to present Peach Fuzz for those comfortable with the limelight. A contemporary palette with progressive shades, even the blue gives off that summer glow. Think ice cream sprinkles, female empowerment, and roller-skating down the beach. Our 20cm squared tile, Vintage Floral is the perfect showstopper to draw these shades together – but it isn’t for the faint of heart <3


Vintage Floral Wall & Floor Tile - Grey - House of Mosaics


Flavour-full, the final trend spotter on our list, is a perfect combination of all this year's palettes. Warm, natural, visually interesting, all the words we would use to describe one of our top-selling mosaics Geo Blush which just so happens to portray every one of these tones within each intricate chip pattern.


Geo Blush Mosaic Tile - House of Mosaics


The options this year are endless and joyful, and we cannot wait to see where 2024's Pantone Colour Peach Fuzz takes interior design.

With special thanks to Pantone Colour of The Year,

HoM x



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