Geo Moroccan Bright Self-Adhesive


£12.99 Per Tile
£142.89 Per Square Metre

Need a quick makeover? Want to hide tired tiles? No need for adhesive, just peel off and stick directly onto a clear & dry surface to create the finished look in minutes! Upcycle anywhere in your home with these self-adhesive mosaic tiles! 

Moroccan-inspired geometric shapes and patterns, in bright and uplifting tones, combine to create an on-trend pattern that will add 'wow' factor to any room. The self-adhesive mosaic tiles are easy to use, simply peel and stick!

The upcycling possibilities are endless; tile over tiles, do up coffee tables, fireplaces, mirrors, or even photo frames! Must be grouted to keep the individual pieces in position.

Not suitable for use in area with continual water penetration i.e. a shower.

Application Wall
Colour Blue
Colour Green
Customer type Contemporary
Material Glass
Shape Square
Style guide Moroccan Magic
Style guide Quick & Sweet
Style guide Rainbow Bright
Tile type Mosaic Tiles
Tile type Self-Adhesive Tiles
Individual Chip Size Mm 20 x 20
No Of Sheets Per Square Metre 11
Overall Tile Size Mm 300 x 300
Recommended Grout Colour WHITE
Recommended Type Of Grout SMOOTH, LESS COARSE
Tile Compliment Colour WHITE, GREY OR BLACK
Tile Depth Mm 4mm

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