Elle Decoration Kitchen Trends 2021

Since the last ELLE Decoration Kitchen Trends…

A global pandemic and three lockdown’s later, ELLE Decoration acknowledges this as a major influence on future decorating trends

The Kitchen has always been ‘the heart of our homes’ – particularly true now with the kitchen becoming an anchor for daily routines, meetings, new hobbies etc.

An emphasis on making spaces –

In the Round 


For those seeking a softer, friendly-feeling space, ELLE Decoration suggests rounded corners will make an appearance. The braver, riskier types will choose sweeping, curved kitchens. In comparison to subtle rounded islands or rounded cabinet edges for the less riskier consumer. A trend that’s ideal for experimentation, play with as much or as little as desired.  

HoM Mosaics to match 

Newquay £14.99 per tile, £55 per square metre.

Shades of Sage  


A muted colour palette that evokes a similar ‘moody appeal’ as charcoal or inky black. However, shades of sage green offer a soothing, lighter alternative for those seeking less severe tones. 

A versatile colour that compliments:

  • Brass and metallic accents
  • Marble or stone
  • Wood tones

HoM Mosaics to match 


Midi Metro Pistacho £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre, Cairns £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

Cupboard Love   


There is no such thing as too much storage! Especially with the Kitchen as the ‘heart of the home’, this area is taking on multiple roles an responsibilities. Bespoke kitchen cabinetry will maximise the use of your space by using every millimetre, whilst offering the opportunity to put your own stamp on it.

HoM Mosaics to match


Mini Metro White SA £13 per tile, £142 per square metre, Mini Metro Grey SA £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre

Bare Necessities


A minimalist approach, stripping back to the bare bones of a kitchen. Sometimes, ‘less is more’ can feel empty and cold. However, applying a few artful tricks can ensure your space still feels homely and warm:

  • Textured walls (zoned tiles?)
  • Painted brass
  • Hints of wood e.g. window frame
  • Statement lights 

HoM Mosaics to match 


Allana £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Cairo £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre 

Bold as Brass 

Swapping the coolness of chrome for the warm lustre of brass and bronze. The versatility and potential of brass, is perhaps misunderstood;

  • ‘the gentle patina of aged metals’
  • ‘a high-shine look’
  • ‘muted luxury of a brushed-matt finish’

A ‘patchwork’ of metallic brass with concrete or stone offers bold textual contrasts, whilst a single sheet makes a beautiful guise for an extractor fan. 

HoM Mosaics to match 


Abu Dhabi Bronze SA £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre, Shoreditch £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

Into the Groove 


This sleek transformation of wood takes inspiration from the vertical lines of Japanese and Scandinavian design. Simple bar handles and dividers create a great sense of depth and solidity. This style uses narrow grooves in the wood to give the illusion of individual slats perfectly placed together, resulting in an orderly, yet organic aesthetic.  

HoM Mosaics to match 


Dylan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

Slim Pickings 


Pencil or finger tiles have one of the ‘biggest tile stories’ over the last 12 months, and are set to become a future classic. Small and dainty, these tiles can make a large impact when used over an expansive space, creating texture and depth.

Use vertically to give the illusion of taller spaces: 

  • Pencil Tiles
  • Finger Tiles
  • Kit Kat Tiles 

HoM Mosaics to match 


Quartz Linear White £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre, Quartz Linear Black £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre 

Rethink Pink 


Whilst a ‘pink renaissance’ is underway, this colour is yet to take on the kitchen.
Few colours offer extreme differences in their hues like pink does. From soothing to shocking, pink can do it all. Softer tones with a ‘dose of yellow pigment’ can offer extra warmth and earthiness, creating a move liveable space. A matt finish will keep it modern, whilst chalky paints can provide texture. 

HoM Mosaics to match 


Geo Blush £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre, Vintage Moroccan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

Cabin Fever 


In contrast to modern kitchens typically using hard, cool materials such as metal or glass, Cabin Fever aims to provide a warmer alternative. The secret to success is using skilled craftsmanship, to achieve minimalistic clean-lines which provides that modern feel. Partner with typical ‘modern’ materials, such as marble worktops, or bronze finishes, to accentuate the modern style.

HoM Mosaics to match


 Copper Luxe £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre, Sienna Pop £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

Block Stars 


Streamlined, precise and bold. The perfect way to transform your kitchen from run-of-the-mill to statement. A palette of two to three colours, and consider the combination of harmonious and contrasting colours.The key to success is to fully commit! Every surface, including worktops, splashbacks, handles, faucets etc. should reflect your chosen colour palette. 

HoM Mosaics to match 


Ibiza £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Drama £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre 

Lay it on Thick 


Playing with dimensions to create a space unique to you, especially with areas that have typical standard sizes.
‘Super-sized’ slabs for your works tops are obvious choices when playing with dimensions.

  • Super-sized marbles offer a luxurious feel
  • Super-sized terrazzo or concrete provide a wow factor
  • Super-sized woods offer a less costly, but equally impressive effect 

HoM Mosaics to match 


Opulence Porcelain Tile Grey £26.99 per pack, Opulence Porcelain Vanilla £24.99 per pack 

Go the extra Tile 


Extending the splashback to continue over other areas of the kitchen can completely transform the look. Cover your worktops, shelving or other extras within your kitchen offers clean uniformity.It can soften potential harsh edges, to create a softer, more cohesive look by minimising stark contrasts. One golden rule – ‘good grouting’ 

HoM Mosaics to match 


Calacatta Luxe £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre, Hammerfest £12.99 per tile, £142.89 square metre 

Full Colour Kitchens 


‘The look for 2021 is bolder, brighter and bursting with positivity’.

Taking bolder and brighter colours that perhaps a few years ago, people would never have thought to put in their kitchens. People are seeking positive, vibrant spaces for mood enhancement purposes.

There is endless sources of inspiration on social media, which has helped to build the foundations of confidence in personal projects and being brave in colour choices.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Aloha Self-Adhesive £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre,Geo Moroccan Large £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre  

Full Colour Kitchen accessories 

Accessories & More 

Racks of Style 

Only limited by the users imagination, modular, racking style shelving offers infinite combinations of storage. Perfect for the kitchen to add your own touch – plate racks, bottle trays, glass / mug hangers etc.

Flecks of Appeal 

Add an organic, subtle pop of colour with fleck style tiles.
Image Below – Claybrook’s handcrafted ‘Confetti Burst’ tiles.

Each one is speckled with shades of blue, yellow and pink, whilst

the base colour varies between milky hues and off-whites.

All in the detail 

British brand Devol recognised a customers were having difficulties in       matching the quality and style of their bespoke kitchens with fixtures and     fittings.

They created their own range of oxidised and aged brass.

Good Serve 

Broste Copenhagen’s new speckled stoneware collection offers an easy spring pick-me-up. It is designed for both cooking and serving

Wonder Worktops 


Enhancing worktops and utilising more space, worktops are set for a revamp. Whether it’s utilising the space between the cupboard and worktop for extra lights, a central area housing multiple compartments for various kitchen utensils, or an extendable double-layered surface for space-saving opportunities.  

Pick and Mix 

A new way of cooking. Caple’s C995i modular induction hob offers the ability to mix and match an induction hob with a gas or electric hob! 

Black Magic 

Espresso Design have created a balances and sophisticated space through a combination of matt-black ‘Fenix’, bespoke liquid-metal lacquer, African soapstone worktops and a vintage oiled breakfast bar

The Whole Story 

 Iris Ceramica’s newest collection, named ‘Whole’, encompasses a range of tiles that use the texture and colours of terracotta, natural wood and stone alongside the practicalities of ceramic. Terracotta flooring such as Chevron Cotto, pictured below, uses rich, earthy tones. 

With thanks to Elle Decor 

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