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(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Tiles are a stylish way to add a breath of fresh air into your home, with a host of different shapes, colours, prints and patterns to chose from. What are the top tile trends for 2021 and how do we style them?

Tiles have been a part of interior design for centuries and its traditional styles that turn heads time after time. 2021 tile trends will take a new twist on classic tiles such as British Victorian floor tiles to artisan glazed decorative tiles. Experts from Ca’Pietra, Mandarin Stone, Fired Earth, Otto Tiles, Topps Tile, Original Style and Gemini Tiles to bring you the top tiles trends for 2021.

1. Terracotta is Back 

(Image credit: Ca’Pietra)

You may have noticed terracotta tiles are creeping back into interiors, the team at Ca’Pietra have confirmed it. Lay terracotta tiles through out your kitchen, hallway and dinning room to add warm to your house.

HoM Mosaics to Match  


Lisbon £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per square metre, Dylan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

2. Block Colours and Hexagons 


(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Block colours are a big new trend for bathrooms in 2021 and it is perfectly shown in the image above. Matt tiles are also in fashion and so are hexagon shapes, these Stellar Navy Matt Porcelain tiles by Mandarin Stone hit the trend perfectly.

HoM Mosaics


Lapis Blue Self-Adhesive £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre, Abu Dhabi Bronze £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre 

3. Magical Moroccan

(Image credit: Ca’Pietra)

Known for vibrant colours, intricate designs and mixture of textures, Moroccan style has become one of the most significant trends 2020/2021. North African handcrafted products have had huge success such as Berber rugs, raffia baskets, metal lanterns and decorative Moroccan tiles.

In 2021 this trend will be strong and is a timeless style that won’t go out of date. Create a unique appearance, injected with colour, full of patterns, using ceramic hydraulic tiles, which are long-lasting and extremely easy to install and keep clean. They are also suitable for most walls and floors.

HoM Mosaics to match


Porto £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per square metre, Geo Moroccan Large £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

4. New Heritage 


Oriental Style every year works closely with designers and interior experts to assess what colours and schemes and will be the next years big trends. This year they have teamed up with London-based interior design dup 2LG Studio to bring you their top tile trends for 2021.

Decorative details, fine craftsmanship and timeless colour palettes. By incorporating historical interior décor alongside modern influences, you can create a space that withstands the test of time whilst ensuring your home never goes out of style.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Dylan £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Vintage Blush £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per square metre 

5. Perfect Patina 


(Image credit; Otto Tiles)

Otto Tiles & Designs have a flagship tile for 2021 ‘Coral Oriental Fairy’ ceramic tiles are hand made by artisans using old age techniques. Rich in colour and glossy in texture, the designs create the feel of a luxurious exotic retreat.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Geo Blush £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre, Glamour Bronze £13.99 per tile £153.89 per square metre

6. Terrific Terrazzo 

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

Terrazzo in all colours and shapes remains a dominant trend in 2021, its speckled design and soft textural pattern is endlessly stylish. Terrazzo is becoming a more affordable alternative to marble or granite. Fragments can be anything from marble to quartz, glass and metal and this mix creates depth and texture helps keep the look modern.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Monte Carlo White Luxe £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre, Cairo £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre 

7. Colors that are one with nature 


(Image credit; Ca’Pietra)

With life taking a slower pace we are all taking solace at home, using colours from nature we can create a space to recharge and relax. Green is a versatile colour and adds vibrancy to a space; balance that with a neutral, like the image above.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Aquamarine Self-Adhesive £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre Cairns £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre

8. Art Deco Exuberance 


(Image credit; Fired Earth)

Decorative Art Deco fan shapes take the lead for 2021, Fired Earth’s High Society Glass Gatsby tiles above, are great for a small bathroom that needs help to feel bigger and brighter. Using bright tiles or curved tiles help create a feature wall with rounded shapes creating a welcoming break from Classic Square and metro brick tiles.

HoM Mosaics Tiles 


Allana £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre.

8. Dark Drama 


(Image credit; Mandarin Stone)

Just like a little black dress a black or dart tile bathroom is ultra chic. A dark moody palette paired with any interior design trend and its here for 2021.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Venice Black Luxe £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre, Monte Carlo Black Luxe £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre

10. Big and Bold 


(Image credit ; Elvis Jones)

Large porcelain tiles offer lots of variety as they are available in multiple effects such as marble and natural. Using large format tiles creates a spacious feel to any room. They also bring a sense of decadence like being in an expressive hotel.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Opulence Porcelain Grey Ripple £26.99 per pack, Opulence Porcelain Black Ripple £26.99 per pack

11. Hexagon Shaping 


(Image credit; Topps Tiles)

If you are bored of the regular rectangular or metro tiles the Hexagon Trend is for you. Combine with another trend such as natural effect, marble or wood. You could also mix with metallic accents or bold colours.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Hexia Blush £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per square metre , Geo Grey Hex £14.99 per tile, £164 per square metre 

12. Tiles that blend Indoors and Out 


(Image credit; Ca’Pietra)

Creating a seamless indoor to outdoor space has become a huge trend of late. Use large format tiles to blend indoor and outdoor spaces, like its one large living area.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Outdoor Tile Nordic Décor £35 per pack, Outdoor Tile Nordic £27 per pack 


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