Johnson's Colour Trends 2021

Johnson team of paint specialists have identified a unique set of colour trends that will help turn your house into a home. There is something to suit everyone from bright and bold to calm and minimalistic palettes.

Artistic Soul – Paint colour trend; A fun youthful paint colour palette designed to stimulate your imagination 


Artistic Soul colour palette : 


Get creative and be confident with colour pairing to achieve bold statement walls with spirited personality. Tip : Use statement furniture pieces and accessories to add extra colour pops and shapes to the space. 



Mosaics to match 


Aquamarine Self-Adhesive, £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre, Ibiza £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Geo Moroccan Large £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre. 


Natures Retreat; Sit back and relax with this serene paint colour palette


Natures Retreat colour palette 


These natural, earthy tones represent the feeling of wellbeing and balance and will help to create peaceful rooms perfect to rejuvenate the mind. Tip: Incorporate plants and wooden accents as accessories to create a natural atmosphere. 


Mosaics to match  


Lisbon £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per square metre, Calgary £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Gatsby £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre. 

Regal Elegance Rich, classic paint colours collide to form this sophisticated paint colour palette 


Regal Elegance Colour Palette 


These majestic tones will add depth to your room and create a feeling of luxury with a revolutionary edge. Tip; Mix and match plush textured fabrics to deepen the sense of luxury. 


Mosaics to match 


Bangkok Linear £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre, Rio Remix £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Mini Metro Grey Self Adhesive £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre. 

With thanks to Johnson's Paint 

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