Victoria Plum Bathroom trends 2022

8 Fresh Bathroom suites for 2022

Your choice of suite is fundamental to any bathroom design, we take a look at Victoria Plumbs 8 new bathroom suits for 2022. Whether you are updating a cloakroom or a master bathroom, your choices of bathroom suite will ultimately dictate the entire look and feel of your space.

Containing all the essential elements you’d expect in a bathroom; toilet, basin, bath or shower enclosure, bathroom suites come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours with an almost limitless number of combinations. No matter the size of your space of budget these new and fresh bathroom suites will inspire you to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

1. Family Favourite

Creating a shared bathroom space that the entire family can enjoy is a tricky business. Striking a balance between style and functionality, especially when younger children are involved, does not come easy.

Most bathroom suites you come across when looking for inspiration are typically far from the busy, cluttered and often chaotic spaces that grace the average family home. This is with good reason, would you really gain inspiration from something that looks just like the room you’re trying to update. 


If you’re seeking something the whole family can enjoy and reduces the amount of cleaning you’ll need to do, we present to you the Eden complete shower bath suite…

What makes this bathroom suite perfect for families, this suite includes:

• Multi functional shower bath with glass screen and panels (available in right and left handed options)-ideal where some prefer a bath to a shower and visa versa

• Back to wall toilet with concealed cistern-neater, more modern, easier to clean around

• Vanity unit with basin – handy storage space

• Basin mixer and bath mixer taps-matching for a coordinated look

• Plus, all your plumbing accessories, like wastes and as bottle trap.

This suite proves that a busy family bathroom can be both clean and stylish. All you’ll need to do is accessorise your choice of heating and floor coverings.

HoM Mosaics to match 


Opulence Porcelain Grey Ripple £29.99 per tile, Opulence Porcelain Vanilla £27.99 per tile. 

2. You can’t beat the Classics

It is always safe to stick with the classic designs when it comes to a bathroom. Traditional style is tried, trusted and timeless, which is why many of us opt for this look all around our homes.

If this is the type of design you’re after, you’ll find plenty of bathroom suite ideas that include all the elements you’d expect from a traditional décor, including classic roll top baths, washstands, cross handle taps and vintage-inspired toilets. With this in mind we present you the Dulwich roll top bathroom suite… 


This classic bathroom suite comes complete with:

• Classic roll top bath with chrome claw feet – beautiful and luxurious

• Full pedestal basin-made from high quality glazed ceramic

• Close coupled toilet with grey wooden seat – traditional pull flush fits seamlessly

With the basic elements in place, you can accessorise with your favourite taps and accessories. We love the juxtaposition between old and new, with popular wall panelling, Victorian styled floor tiles and on-trend grey bathroom walls. 

HoM Mosaics to Match  


Vintage Blush £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre, Florence Luxe £18.99 per tile, £208.89 per square metre. 

3. Wow your house guests

When it comes to searching out bathroom suites, its not just about grand bathrooms or en-suite. Those small but essential downstairs cloakrooms need a little love and attention too.

A stylish cloakroom suite can leave a lasting impression on houseguests, who are likely to use this space exclusively, rather than traipse upstairs to your main bathroom. It's especially important to spruce up your cloakroom at Christmas and other times of the year, when those unexpected visitors are more likely to come a-knocking.

We present to you the Derwent Square complete cloakroom suite… 


In a room where every inch is absolutely vital, the contemporary square shape of the suite fits the space well. Carrying on the geometric design hexagon wall tiles and an on-trend green colour scheme – a much-loved bathroom shade that is set to be even more popular this coming year.

HoM Mosaics to Match 


Aquamarine Self Adhesive £5 per tile, £55 per square metre, Geo Grey Hex £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre 

4. Warming Wood

Organic interiors are becoming a bathroom trend, and if you search through all the bathroom suite idea containing natural materials, you’ll soon see why. Stone, wood and even houseplants bring a more relaxing and tactile feel to your interiors, which, in a bathroom, is absolutely essential.

The Wye Walnut bathroom furniture range makes you feel more at one with Mother Nature…


Instead of choosing a conventional bathroom suite, you should broaden your horizons and consider a bathroom furniture suite as you can maximise storage space.

With a variety of floor standing and wall hung items available, including a vanity unit, back tot a wall unit and matching bath panels, your bathroom suite wouldn’t be boring. Paint your walls a warming colour and add some marble effect wall panels or introduce house plants like above. 

HoM Mosaics to Match 


Marble Luxe £17.99 per tile, £197.89 per square metre, Geo Blush £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

5. Independent Living

It’s worth thinking about how your bathroom usage may change in years to come. A future-proofed bathroom can help you avoid costly alterations or updates further down the line. Think about mobility, and seek out some bathroom ideas for independent living.

What is independent living? As the name suggests its about keeping and maintain you independence should you physical circumstances change. This could just mean making your bathroom easier to get around. 


The independent living bathroom suite (above) is striking in design but also offers a highly functional space. There is a high-tech contemporary feel, softened with wood effect tiles (yet another trend for 2022)

HoM Mosaics to Match 


Dylan £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre Ariana £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre 

6. Fitted Furniture

Have you thought about fitted bathroom furniture? If you haven’t then you should consider it, as fitted bathrooms offer a genuine clean-cut look, plenty of storage an easy maintenance. 


One of the great things about fitted bathroom suite is how you can pick and choose the perfect combination of units for your exact space. The look is completely seamless with an integrated countertop and plinth. 


Fitted bathroom suites are becoming increasingly popular, they typically feature back to wall toilets and semi-recessed basins, the sleek appearance and suitability for bathrooms large and small make this very attractive proposition.

HoM Mosaics to Match 


Opulence Porcelain – Grey £27.99 per tile, Allana £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre

7. Organic ensuite

Not all bathrooms have or need a bath; the ensuite being the most obvious space. When searching bathroom suite ideas for your ensuite, you may find quirky designs, after all this is your own personal space where you can let your creativity run loose why not try something organic? 


If storage space is an issue for you, exploit every room in tour home to their fullest potential, and this includes your ensuite. The Kemp bathroom furniture suite (above) features a grey stone-effect finish, inspired by the natural world. Add some indoor plants and classic metro tiles for a contemporary appearance.

HoM Mosaics to Match 


Mini Metro White £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per square metre, Cairns £5 per tile, £55 per square metre

8. Minimalist and Designer

If you are searching for something designer, yet do not want to pay the designer price tag, the Ellis bathroom suite from Mode Bathrooms could be the bathroom suite for you. 


Complete with a freestanding bath, plus matching close-coupled toilet and basin, this suite is ideal if clean lines and minimalism are your go-to-style. Elongated curves are echoed throughout this clean, contemporary suite, whilst the toilet which sits against the wall and makes cleaning a breeze.

With a suite like this you certainly don’t want to go overboard with accessories or colours. A few well chosen, prints or pot plants, plus a neutral palette, will create a high-end look that could easily be at home in a boutique hotel or spa retreat. 

HoM Mosaics to Match 


Calacatta Luxe £17.99 per tile, £197.89 per square metre, Monte Carlo White Luxe £18.99 per tile, £208.89 per square metre

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