11 Bathroom Trends that WOW

Freshen up your home with the latest looks including the most stylish tiles, taps and more....

1.1970's Palette 


The 1970's palette has made its way to Bathrooms, think blues, orange and vibrant mustards.  Architect Giuliano Andrea dell'Uva's space (image 1) conjures images of a rising sun, while peach tones in Breadway Bakery in Odessa (image 2) by architect Lera. Brumia and Artem Trigubchak produce a pleasant glow.  The 'Eccentrico' basin by Falper in Reutov Designs bathroom (image 3 reutovdesign.ru) has been covered in mint-green concrete to match the floor. 

Shop the look: 

1. 'Espirit' wallpaper by Wall & Deco, £171per metre, West One Bathrooms  2.'Bubble' light, £695, Curiousa & Curiousa 3.'Reflex' bath by AL Studio, £8,046, Antonio Lupi 




1. Geo Moroccan Bright £14.99 per tile, £164 per square metre

2. Ibiza £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre

Navy & Pattern   


Contrasting indigo patterns are a fresh way to explore Blue in the bathroom. Combine decorative finished like the terrazzo-like 'Artwork' surface by Florim (image 1: florim.com).  You can also mix different shapes of tile, such as Mandarin Stone's 'Hexa' (image 2) and 'Oska' (image 3: mandarinstone.com). 

Shop the look: 


1. 'Diamond Jacquard' towels, from £5 each, Marks and Spencer 2. 'Gentlemen' candle, from £89, Baobab Collection  3. 'San Diego' tiles in 'Ink', £400 per square metre, Fired Earth 



1. Stargazer Teal, £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre 2. Brixton, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre. 3. Porto, £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per metre

Cave Chic: 


Stone has always been a part of the bathroom. For 2019, eschew sleek, polished finishes and engulf your bathroom in roughhewn rock to include natures wider side.  This room (image 1) is part of the Noris hotel Copenhangen has been encased in Bardiglio marble by Swedish architect Wingarhs (winhardhs.se). Rocky finishes work especially well when used alongside contemporary shapes and technology. For example a Kaldewi 'Nexsys' shower (image 2: kaldewei.co.uk) gives this bathroom a modern feel. 

Shop the Look:


1. 'Amber' basin, from £5,835, Kreoo 2.. Split Face Black, £2.99 per tile, £74.75 per square metre  3. 'Aio' shower system, £816, Ripples



1.Shadow Brick, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 2. Harlem, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

Pale Green:


Pistachio- like soft and gentle shades, are the only pastel tones that should be gracing your bathroom. These tones bring the calming influence of the natural world, creating a modern sanctuary. The subtle colour variation on Emery & Cie's 'Zellige' tiles (image1, emeryetcie.com) create imperfect perfection in this Retrouvius- designed space (retrouvius.com). The flecks of greens and whites on the porcelain slab-clad wall by Florim (image 2, florim.com) complement the olive hue of the 'I Catini' basin by A Parisio and G Prezzao for Cielo (ceramicacielo.it).  

Shop the Look: 


1. 'Big Waffle' towel by The Organic Company, £42, Skandium 2. 'Hanley' tiles in 'Seagrass', £288.48 per square metre, Balineum 3. 'Cartnel' bath, £1,396, Victoria Plumbing 



1. Midi Metro Crackle Pistachio, £14.99 per tile, 2. Cairns, £12.99 per tile, 3. 

Angular Forms:


To make a bold statement in your bathroom, decorate the walls with graphic angles. White and coral pink versions of the same rounded mosaic tiles are laid to create a hexagonal pattern that spans both the wall and floor in this space by Judd Lysenko Marshall Architects (image 1, jlma.com.au).  For a manageable take on the geometric colour- blocking look, this bathroom (image 2) demonstrates how creating sections of vibrant yet complementary paints can add instant interest.

Shop the Look: 


1. 'Trapeza' wall mural, £36 per square metre, Murals Wallpaper 2. 'Wosh' mixer tap by William Sawaya, from £1,038, Zuchetti Kos 3. 'Bijoux' bath by Kelly Hoppen for Apaiser, £8,207, West One Bathrooms


1. Monte Carlo White, £16.99 per tile, £86.89 per square metre, 2. Hexia Blush, £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per square metre, 3. Florence Luxe, £16.99 per tile, £186.89 per square metre 

6. Artistic Design


Artistic hand is becoming a trend on bathroom walls.  Ann Edgerton's project (image 1, annedgerton.com) takes the trend literally, with a fingerprint pattern.  Design Kelly Wearstler's (kellywearstler.com) 'Crescent' (image 2) and 'Channels' (image 3) wallpapers in projects by Inspired Interiors (inspiredinteriors.com) and FLO Design Studio (flodesignstudio.com) offer a painterly perspective. 

Shop the Look: 


1. ' End Grain' tiles by David Rockwell, £184,80 per square metre, Bisazza 2. 'Bryony' basin, £900, London Basin Company  3. 'He' towel by Nathalie du Pasquier for Hay, £18, Finnish Design Shop 



1. Darcy, £13.99 per tile, £153.89 per square metre 2. Geo Moroccan Black and White, £14.99 per tile. £164.89 per square metre, 3. Geo Grey Hex, £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre.

Graphic grids: 


Follow order by laying square tiles in a maths book formation.  To make the formation look pretty view Rosy Domenico Mori Tiles (domenicomori.it) take on the square tiles fro interior designer Richard Stanisich (image 1, richardsstanisch.com.au) while laeger format of the tiles by DTile (image 2, dtile,nl) and Atem (image3, atem.com.au) in Emil Dervish's designs (emildervish.com) have a crisper look.  

Shop the look:


1. 'Noir 1000' frame and basin by Elle Decoration, £999, Bathstore 2 'Iker' tower ladder. £143, Soak 



1. Mini Metro White, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 2.  Mini Metro Black, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre  3. Aquastone Mosaic, £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

Luxe Monochrome


To create a elegant twist on the monochrome trend you need to mix materials, with black and white marble and stone being used. Elisa Ossino's 'Alfeo' basings for 'Salvatori' (image 1: salvatori.it) are paired with matt-black taps from the 'Fontane Bianche' collection and 'archimede' mirrors, which reflects the subtle beauty of the two tone marble. Australian design studio Studio Griffiths (studiogriffiths.com.au) use of Fibonacci Stone 'Steel' tiles (image 2, fibonaccistone.com.au) incorporates a muted tone of grey.  

Shop the look:


1, Jute bath mat, £17.99, H&M,  2. 'Mini Globe' wall light, £259 Orginal BTC (orginalbtc.com) 3. 'PuraVida' mixer tap £475, Hansgrobe 4. 'Norr' carrier by Skagerak, £84, Skandium  




1. Gunmetal Luxe, £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre 2. Hammerfest, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 3. Formation, £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre

Forest Marble:


Indian Forest Marble fuses tree branch-like reddish and brown veins to create a striking look. You can use a little or a lot in a bathroom, deisgners Helene and Olivier Lempereur use a bathtub to create this trend (image 1, Olivierlempereur.be). Architect Pieterjan (pieterjan.biz) emcompasses a fill bathroom in a pale version of stone (image 2) while the dark green version looks elegant (image3).  




1. Riverstone Outdoor Porcelain, £27 per pack (contains 2 60 x 60 tiles) 2.Calgary, £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, 3. Cusco, £14.99 per tile

With thanks to Elle Decoration UK 

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