Clippings: 8 trends defining interior design for 2019

1. Boucle Bubbles; Soft Boucle fabrics build on the 70's revival 

The revival of this decade in design now brings a particular texture back into focus: scrumptious boucle fabrics with the bobby feel of irregular slubs and loops.  Usually seen in white or ecru, these touchable textiles were all over the upholstery at every show with spring. With more depth and warmth than wooden weaves, boucle's lend a cuddly quality that's immediately comforting. 


Image 1: Front regular dining chair from $1826, Fred International, Image 2: Pacha Lounge Chair by Gubi, upholstered with Karakorum by Dedar, £1423, Image 3 Pebble Rug, by Margrethe Odgaard for Muuto, £821.

HOM Loves: 


Woolacombe   £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Brighton £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

2. Chunky Timber: Bold wooden furniture brings a sense of stability. 

We are seeing furniture taking on a substantial presence, with slabs of timber constructed into pieces with thickly balanced proportions. Wood has a warming texture which makes a fantastic counterpoint to boucle textiles and the two have been widely paired this season. Whether it's stacked slabs or stripped back logs, these easily understood elemental constructions speak of simplicity that stays the right side of the Flinstones. 


Image 1: Flip Table by Jesper Stahl, for Design House Stockholm, £1005, Image 2: Block armchair by Jonas Lutz for La Chance, Image 3: Pier bookcase by Jamie Bush £12,559. 

HOM Loves:  


Diftwood £2.99 per tile, £35.88 per square metre, Lampang £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre   

3. Shell Shapes; Life under the sea captured in abstract ways.  

Literal references of a multitude of shell shaped accessories launches this season to more abstract interpretation of forms or mechanisms in larger furniture, scalloped and swirling shapes are abundant in design at the moment. The subaquatic influences introduce a playful and imaginative note.  They're uplifting additions to an interior, like souvenirs brought back from a day at the beach. 


Image 1: Giardino delle Delizie tiles by Cristina Celestino for Fornace Brioni £564, Image 2: Shell vase by Ferm Living £63, Image 3: Ecailles wallpaper by Jean-Paul Gaultier for Lelièvre £113/m.

HOM Loves:


Carnival £2.99 per tile, £32.89 per square metre, Acapulco £9.99 per tile, £109.89 per square metre 

4. Gritty Glass; Internal textures and layering bring movement to glass  

These pieces explore the structural properties of glass from bending, draping and pressing thick sheets of the materials into shape. Some designers are producing precisely engineered pieces with crisp junctions and clean lines, while others showcase the material's liquid behaviour, celebrating the bubbles and flows that come from melting, pouring and moulding processes. 


Image 1: Melt dining table by Oki Sato from Nendo for WonderGlass £3000, Image 2: table lamp by Samuel Wilkinson for &tradition, £408, Image 3: Echino side table by Sebastian Herkner for Zanotta.

HOM Loves: 


Arabia  £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre,  Gin £11.99 per tile, £131.89 per square metre 

5. Satin Sheets: Brushed surfaced create a softer look for metallics 

Metal finishes have a softer finish these days, with smooth brushed aluminium and steel taking over from the flashy shine, bright brass and copper tones that dominated in the past. Today's metallics reflect light in a subtler way, pulling in the colours of their setting.  Still pulling on the industrial style, these pieces are lighted beyond an everyday utilliatarian look, giving materials an elegant lustrous feel. 

Image 1: Barrel desk by Pool Studio for Atelier François Pouenat, £13,328, Image 2: P376 pendant by Kastholm & Fabricius for & Tradtion £713, Image 3: Column JA2 wall shelf by John Astbury for & Tradtion, £254.

HOM Loves: 


Abu Dhabi Silver, 11.99 per tile, £131.89 per sheet, Gun Metal Luxe, £15.99 per tile, £175.90 per square metre 

6.  High Gloss; Lacquered surfaces bring a deep shine to interiors 

Coloured surfaces and high shine are becoming the order of the day. Lacquered surfaces are dipped in vivid colour feeling richly sophisticated due to the optic depth of their finish. This is achieved by the gradual layering of thin coating to build up a sleek shine. This trend is traditionally associated with traditions from the Far East, these pieces feel distinctively modern.  


Image 1: Ant side table by Bodo Sperlein for Schönbuch, £586, Image 2 : Podgy pendant light by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen for Pleae Wait To Be Seated, Image 3 Roundel dinning table by Claesson Koivisto Rune.

HOM Loves: 


Midi Metro Crackle Teal £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre, Mini Metro Petrol blue £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre.

7. Beige Shades: Subtle and harmonious combinations generate a sophisticated palette.

This spring/summer trends of sophisticated layers of sand, cocoa, oatmeal and taupe. Creating calming effects on your busing life setting soothing tones of serenity. Mushroom, Fawn and Putty are particularly coming to the fore in workplace design, reflecting a shift from relentless activity and insistent design to a more concentrated and thoughtful environment. 


Image 1: Kyoto screen by Note Design Studio for Zilenzio, from £820, Image 2: Tao coffee table by Monica Armani for Trib, £1542, Image 3: Donna pendant light by Nina Jobs and Stina Sandwall for Pholc, £254.

HOM loves: 


Rose Gold Elysee £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per tile, Shoreditch £14.99 per tile, £164.89 per square metre 

8. On Reflection: Bouncing light into large reflectors creates spacious statements

Expanding the trend for lighting inspired by celestial bodies. LED tech now allows for small bulbs and lean electrical connection, therefore designers are playing with the possibilities for spacious and airy pieces. Projecting light in this way affords a broader, softer illumination. 


Image 1: Amisol suspension pendant light by Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan
from £853, Image 2: Mantra floor light by Avionstudio for Inventive £189, Image 3: Ombre table light by Antoine Rouzeau for Northern £242.

HOM Loves: 


Quartz Linear £15.99 per tile, £175.89 per square metre, Hammerfest £12.99 per tile, £142.89 per square metre 

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